Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Newsflash: The Antichrist, Identified!

Check out this article:

New Christian Army, born in the USA

So some Arab country like the UAE or whoever can now hire Eric Prince's guaranteed Muslim-free All-Christian army to put down those pesky pro-democracy revolts that keep cropping up! Or whatever repression you have in mind! We're flexible...

Hey, fantastic.


But you know what?

Here's something scary:

Prince of Darkness

Prince of Blackness

Prince of Black Ness (Loch/Lake)(identified with monster)

Immortal Prince = Eternal Ruler

Eric, (Name etymology, >Norse: Eternal Ruler) Prince of Black Lake

Eric, Prince of Black Lake

Eric Prince, of Blackwater


How brazen. It's like the Purloined Letter. Right there in front of you. How appro-poe.


So my christian brethren, there it is. Now is the time to shout it from the rooftops! "The Antichrist has been found! The Adversary has been located! He's already building his army!"

"And shit, he's one of us!!!"

Monday, May 9, 2011

You... You... You Autoretard, You!!!

Am I wrong to miss being able to just call people 'retards' with no political fallout?

I mean, I don't ever want to disparage the mentally handicapped. Truth is, the last person that I'd ever call or even think of as a 'retard' would be someone that is actually mentally handicapped. I don't even go there in my head, not ever...

I'd also hate myself if I ever hurt the feelings of some poor innocent mentally challenged person by calling some random republican or christian (or perhaps more properly 'christorepublican?) a retard. I'm not 'that guy.' I can't stand people that are that ignorant.

However I can't stop using the word. Can't a word evolve beyond the connotations of its origins? The way that I think of it, it tells the recepient 'you are acting as if you have a physical/developmental cause for your lack of reasoning ability as do some unfortunate individuals in our world, *however* you do not have such a cause. Instead, you chose it. You've chosen to be ignorant. They have no choice; you do.'

It's still insulting to the mentally handicapped, though, isn't it? No getting around it.

Damn. Great and satisfying potential new usage possibilities for a word ruined by the undeniable offensiveness of its origins.




I'll create a new word!



So then, why oh why are most christians in our society so incredibly autoretarded? Discuss...

(I feel so liberated!)