Friday, December 28, 2012


Fundies are amazing. One time a couple of years ago I was pointing out to one of them that other previous religions had saviors that died and were re-born, whose birthday was December 25th even, gods that said almost the same things as Jesus, such as Tammuz and Mithras and others, and what I got back blew my widdle mind... I've actually heard it more than just the one time since then, too... they were actually so stunningly idiotic as to say that since Christianity was the One True Faith, those other previous faiths *copied Christianity before it even existed!* That since Christianity was so huge and important, reverberations and premonitions of it's glory went back in TIME and so those other previous faiths merely copied it beforehand!

Stunningly stupid. Amazingly gullible. Laughably ridiculous... but they believed it. Somehow.

So I was thinking...  I was wondering what your own stories are of stunning fundie ignorance on proud display.  What was the most ignorant thing that you've ever heard a fundie say? 

Think hard, I know there's so much to choose from.

And to my religious readers, you also may participate, by telling us the dumbest thing an atheist ever said to you, or what you think science is most wrong about, or whatever you think is the dumbest thing about our side of the conversation.

Personally I'm thinking that the dumbest thing we on this side do, is attempt to show your side what isn't dumb.   It's unfair, like asking my pug to do my taxes.....

Thursday, December 6, 2012

In continuation....

As usual, but I promise to actually write a post soon.  Been writing other things. 

Ryan, that last link of yours made me sick.  What a shame.  Of course it can't be the religion, just like guns don't kill people and so forth ad nauseum.