Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Lords Prayer Condemns Most Christians To Hell

The Lord's Prayer

Our Father, which art in heaven,
Hallowed be thy Name.
Thy Kingdom come.
Thy will be done in earth,
As it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses,
As we forgive them that trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
But deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom,
The power, and the glory,
For ever and ever.

Hello my droogies!

I was contemplating The Lord's Prayer for some reason, not even sure why exactly, when I noticed a clause in it that literally condemns most of today's Christians to eternal torment.

It's in these two lines:

"And forgive us our trespasses,
As we forgive them that trespass against us."

As we forgive them that trespass against us?

Let that sink in a minute.

This establishes an equivalency between Christians being able to forgive their enemies, and said Christians getting into Heaven!

Do today's Christians (or yesterday's Christians, for that matter) generally tend to forgive those that trespass against them?

Well, the very Forgiveness of The Lord depends on whether they do or not!

I don't know why I've never seen this before.

What is the Forgiveness of The Lord? What does that mean?

Not damning them to hell, that's what it means!

So those Christians that actually forgive the people that hurt them or insult them are the ones that get to go to Heaven.

Those that don't, don't!

Let's see now, the entire Tea Party?
Damned for all time.

Pat Robertson?

Anti-Gay Christians?
Hellbound, the lot of them.

Logically, there's no way out of it.

Forgiveness of your enemies = Your own eventual forgiveness after you die.

This is no easy path, but hey, Jesus never said that it was. I mean, shit, you have to find it in your heart to forgive Bin Ladin.

Holy Fucking Shit, that's a LOT of damned Christians!

A few of them will make it, the ones that walk the Jesus walk. The rest, roast.

Too bad the latter dominate the airwaves, and get all the press.

Almost makes me wish their silly fairy tale was real. Imagine the looks on their faces when they realize what disqualified them for Paradise?

(Now I'm indulging in Good, Old-Fashioned Christian Schadenfreude!)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

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Continued commentary on the previous post, "THE BEST OF ME."

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Best Of Me (Saint Brian Quotes Over The Years)

Believers believe and thinkers think; however the aforementioned believers always believe that they are the real thinkers, and that the actual thinkers are the real believers. So which one are you?

To accuse another of not possessing morality due to the fact that they do not believe in the same things as you do, is absolutely an immoral act that injures the other person involved and proves you the immoral one.

I had a God-Shaped Hole in my heart once. I managed to fill it with cookies.

Mankind looked around, and science was born from what they saw. Religion was born from what they did not see.

Beliefs are thoughts that the ego fell in love with.

The best answer to an ignorant, self-important Christian is and always has been a lion.

You can lead a Christian to water, but if he doesn't believe that it’s water he'll die of thirst. Or maybe he'll just fuck the horse.

It is self-evident that the insane are willing to resort to things that the sane cannot even consider nor sometimes even imagine. Therefore they always have the element of surprise.

Telling someone that they’re entitled to their own beliefs but not their own facts presupposes that they have the ability to tell the difference.

The truly proud man believeth himself to be humble, but the truly humble man knoweth himself to be proud.

The culture that we are raised in as Americans is completely saturated with Christian conditioning. It's so pervasive that literally, if you can't see it, you’re a victim of it.

The 'halcyon days of yore' are a perpetual illusion that revisits itself upon each succeeding generation. In reality, yesteryear sucked, and sucked more in direct proportion to how long ago said yesteryear was.

When what you believe in is a fantasy there's always a defense for your belief, since you're not constrained by the rules of logic and reason when making one.

Common wisdom is never reliably true and rarely actually wisdom. For instance, common wisdom in some circles is that people are like lemmings, however even that is wrong. Lemmings don't jump off cliffs unless pushed by Walt Disney, but people can be talked into just about anything including jumping off a cliff. So we're more like how Disney portrayed the lemmings, than how the lemmings actually are.

Christians don't listen to their own God. Only love can conquer hatred. That's the gist of it. So you don't blindly hate those who blindly hate you. That way goes on forever. Showing basic respect and as much love as is possible to show for them in return for their hatred, is the only thing that produces results, ever. The nobility of it captures minds, a few at a time. Everybody wants to be respected and loved. The problem is, it takes a long time, perhaps generations, for that love to overcome the pent-up hatred of centuries, and few people seem to have the patience to give it a chance. Even though Jesus would have approved, I'm quite sure.

Nowadays if Jesus came back and didn't let anyone know who he was, the religious right would label him a total pussy hippy dirtbag wino who hung out with far too many men for their comfort.

If only wishes were fishes I could feed the multitudes better than Jesus Christ Himself.

Jesus Christ is good enough to hide an awful lot of evil in a man.

The Modern Christian Credo: 'Since we're definitely going to heaven, let's start looking down on people now just for practice...'

You know, what you know, isn't really what you know. What you know is what you think you know but it's not what you know. What you know is what you believe you know. And that's not knowing anything at all. You claim to know, but what you do not know and only believe that you know is that you do not truly know. And knowing that, I can also know that what you actually know is not anything worth knowing.

Informed feelings can be far more accurate than unfeeling logic. Never discount the power of intuition.

"The oddity
is that the sanity
of humanity
is in short commodity"

All truth is possibly false. All things should never be given more than 99.9999 percent chance of even existing.
But there is truth, and there is truth. All being relative as it is, there is the most likely true and the highly unlikely to be true, and many people find the two indistinguishable.

Denial is not just a standard Christian mental state you know. It also sounds a lot like a river in Egypt.

Ark Ark?
What's there?
Just another proof that the Bible is a joke.

Beliefs are terrible things, since they're very often wrong, and even when they're right the world goes and changes on them and they never, ever adjust to that cold, hard fact.

The word ‘faith’ should be an expletive that is not proper to say in polite company.

You too can have the peace that passeth all understanding, as long as you are sufficiently lacking in understanding.

Those who are not intelligent cannot see virtue in intellect, and therefore spurn it instinctively.

You underestimate your inability to not reason incorrectly.

The religious man has no trouble believing the ridiculous and only wonders why he's so much better at it than everybody else is. This he takes as a sign from God.

The biggest egomaniacs always see themselves as being modest, along with every other good thing. It's inconceivable to them that they're really shallow and self-centered. That's why they are.

-Atheist: The nature of ignorance is such that the person who is ignorant cannot possibly know it and will reflexively assume that it is not they who are ignorant but the person who is informing them of their ignorance. This is the basic nature of true ignorance. True ignorance is believing that one is not ignorant, and thus not bothering to learn new things. The truly ignorant are too ignorant to ever know that they are ignorant. If they could know such a thing, they wouldn't be ignorant in the first place.
-Christian: Are you calling me ignorant? I'm not ignorant, *you're* ignorant!

Religion is most like a computer virus for brains. It comes complete with instructions for development and propagation of the virus, and code that prevents the person from deleting it or noticing that it doesn't conform to reality. It is orchestrated, organized, and officially sanctioned psychosis, made easily digestible and palatable to the masses.

Everyone was wrong about everything in the past, so why would any sane person not at least seriously question a bronze-age belief system? Why is that forbidden?

Learn to think before you learn to believe, or you’ll soon believe that you don’t have to think.

It's easy to win an argument with a Christian, since they are based in beliefs rather than thoughts, faith rather than reason, fantasy rather than fact. The hard part is getting them to see that they've lost the argument, for the same reasons.

If you cannot feel the pain of a stranger, it cannot be said that you truly love anyone but yourself.

If any hypothetical belief system dislikes science, which is without a doubt the best method of finding the truth about reality that we have ever come up with, the next question is naturally "What do they have to fear from the truth?"

Fear of God is a barrier to real morality, not a path to it.

Wanting to be right so bad that you come to actually believe that you are right, is not the same thing as actually being right. If you can't tell the difference, you're hopelessly lost, and no one can help you anymore.