Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fact VS Belief? No Contest, Or So I Believed

I think I can finally find some peace with the fact that I'm not going to be able to change christian minds by sheer force of will nor strength of invective.

This article helped me to understand what I'm up against:

The Science of Why We Don't Believe Science


It helps to understand why they can never understand me.


Of course I already knew some of this, but it's nice to see it so well laid out. I knew they were not reachable, and that it was the power of an emotional belief over an intellectual fact, but this traces out the rationale of it all better for me than I had for myself.

Why, I might as well try to 'write my name in the snow' in Siberia. From here.

So, enjoy. Talk amongst yourselves.........

Oh, and PS: Mike, this one's for you.

PPS: On a related note, that of the triumph of christian religious ignorance over both intellect and common decency, here's an amazing thing.

Not in a good way.

What kind of world do they envision?

Or is that the problem, that they do not envision any world, since the bible lays it all out for them? After all, if you 'know how it all ends' then you obviously have no power to change it or affect it in any way by your personal actions... it's not up to you to make the world a better place, is it? It's up to god. And he's decided to scrap the whole project.

How utterly love-less they are.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Religious Mole

Ya know what I can't stand? What really irks me?

Fake atheists. Religious 'moles.' Christians who, transparently to any real atheist, promote themselves to Christians as atheists who see Christianity as persecuted, persecuted of course by 'other' atheists!

Like S.E. Cupp for instance.

Her book

Her website

What a Godhole!

She gets a lot of face time on various media outlets, too. She's a total lie. A construct. A religious, Christian 'mole.' A self-promoting self-centered plastic woman.

And her angle is that 'she's an atheist' so we can't doubt her on this stuff. It's the very source of her supposed 'credibility' and so far, the only one I haven't seen fall for it, more or less, was Bill Maher. However, if you read the press, most people seem to think he lost the argument! Soo...

How incredibly annoying.

I just needed to vent. Thanks.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Deus Ex-pectorate

I was just talking to my wife...

I noticed on Sesame Street (of which I watch far too much for the good of my sanity,) that the characters on 'Abby's Flying Fairy School' (another right-winger nightmare, that title) during a discussion of what people say when someone sneezes, stated that the choices were 'bless you' and 'gesundheit.'

Both of which I believe relate to the christian god.

So in fairyland where there are trolls and pixies, they also say 'bless you' when a someone sneezes. Apparently the christian god is also a part of their mythos, along with gerbilcorns and macaronisauruses.

Which got me to thinking... What should atheists say when someone sneezes? We tend to say 'bless you' due to cultural pressure, but that's really going against our beliefs, or rather the lack of them. Plus, it makes me feel slightly 'unclean.' And hypocritical. Very hypocritical. I know that's not a problem for christians, it being their way of life and all, but it bothers me a great deal.

We atheists need a word or a phrase that can be said in response to a sneeze that is as secular, as atheistic, as 'god bless you' is religious and theistic.

We need a sneeze phrase with No God Included.

So I was going to ask you all here to come up with something... maybe make it like a little contest or something like that. "What would be the most appropriate thing for atheists to say when someone sneezes?" Sounds fun, right?

But then I went and googled the question, and the number one response that I found, is I think just too good to beat.

The number one thing, and indeed in my opinion the best possible thing that atheists should say when someone sneezes is:

"Shut your god-damned mouth!"



However, since it doesn't fly in polite society, again due to cultural pressure (in other words, two millennia of social brainwashing,) I suppose we still need a 'nice-sounding' atheist sneeze phrase. Any ideas?