Friday, March 22, 2013

Foaming At The Ass/The Art of Stupid (Rant-O-Rama)

..........."Go away! Go to your own planet. You even took our rainbow away. What is a child supposed to think when they look at it? Dykes & Homo's? Whoever opened up that first closet really opened up Pandora's Box. Look at Phoneywood where people take this situation. Half of them are half a fag and the rest die of AIDS! Oh cry me a river. A man's private's belong in a woman. Not another man's butt. Women? What were you afraid of in life? No excuse. Disgusting! Not normal being's. What is normal? Not what your sect is doing. So all of you can get on the Big Ship Lollipop and enjoy your weirdness while your ship takes you away from the normal people in life. There you can print in your schoolbooks it is normal where you live. As for us, again, GO AWAY!!!!!!"............. Anti-Gay Marriage Rant on comment boards at Huffington Post... There's just so much to love in here! I especially like the 'rainbows' part... Poor Judy Garland can never get back to Oz now! And let's never forget, a man's privates belong in a woman! Why, in my opinion, he should never take them out!

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Habemos Papam! We have a new pope, and this one's just wonderful. Anti-Gay, anti-Woman, anti-liberal-priest-who-he-might-have-helped-kill... Another old man in a dress... at least he chose a sexually ambiguous name... someday maybe he'll be Saint Francis the Sissy. Well, my kid's diaper needs changing... Habemos Poopoo!