Sunday, April 15, 2012

"Blogger" Sucks Big Weenie

Yes, this 'blogger' space sucks.  200 comment limit, a load more button that doesn't work, and zero customer support.

So here it is again, room for 200 more.  I'll answer Eric's last post here:

Bad doubts come from pride, or from laziness, while good doubts come from a sincere effort to understand or to seek solutions to one's problems.
Bad doubts? That come from pride?

Pride doesn't cause doubt, you ninny. Pride causes blind belief. Doubt comes from the recognition that all is not right in the religion, that it is not logically consistent, truthful, or indeed, even probable.. And that's always good doubt. Doubts are never bad. One either realizes they were without basis, or that they were. Either way, the truth is found.

To an idiot in a dress, er, a priest, all doubts of faith, are from pride, because to that idiot anyone that doubts the dogma does so in pride, 'thinking they know better than me and the whole church, pfft!' Unless they're silly tame doubts about fine points of the religion, doubts that do not endanger the faith (blind belief) of the person.  Those are no doubt, your 'good doubts' there.  Doubts that do not lead to mental liberation, are your 'good' doubts.  

I find your answer offensive. Not because you try to offend. Because your belief system is offensive to all rational thinking beings.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012