Sunday, May 27, 2012


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Monday, May 14, 2012

The Latest Bet

One day not so very long ago, Satan came unto God with a proposal.  A bet.

Satan's bet consisted of God allowing him to whisper into the ears of the clergy of the earth, from the local pastors up to the highest offices in organized Christendom, a message based in Pride and not in Love.   God will allow him, for the purposes of the bet,  to corrupt the hearts of these men (those which could be so corrupted, those weak with Pride) with thoughts of power and fame, and of course, sex and money.  Oh, and guilt and greed.  All of this will God allow Satan do to, in order to test the faith and character of the whole of His believers on Earth, in order to see if the faithful masses huddling in their churches will notice the often drastic changes in the Message, and rightly recognize that their own House has been corrupted by the very Father of Lies.  To determine whether the faithful will temper their love of God and belief in him, with the Divine Gifts of intelligence and perception; whether they love him with not only their hearts, but with their minds as well.

To see whether the strength of their Love for God is coupled with understanding of what that Love means. 

So of course, God allowed this Great Deception of Satan's to occur on Earth, confident in His belief (since He had to suspend His omniscience temporarily in order for Satan to bet with him; Satan is not stupid) that the faithful would fast perceive that the truth of God's love for His children had been perverted even unto the point where it was in actuality reversed and twisted to reflect Satanic and not Divine ideals.

Even unto the point where Hatred was portrayed as Love.   

God was very confident in His children. After all, it was a very blatant and obvious Test.  They'd passed worse ones before. God was very confident.  Even Jesus wanted in. 


So my children, this is the reason that today, sadness reigns in Heaven, and both God and Jesus are weeping...  it being the first such bet God has ever lost. 

(Damned gambling habit!)

Now God has to wear a pink tutu in public.  Sad. 

But not as sad as what's left here on earth.

Satan's winnings.

Too bad God bet the House.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

This Just In...

This just in...  surprising no one here.   (It doesn't surprise Eric because he doesn't believe it anyhow)

Nice to see it in the NYT though. 

You know, this isn't psychological mumbo-jumbo.   When one is aware that one is homosexually inclined, and one loathes and despises oneself for it and denies it to one's self as well, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the natural inclination is to be *very* publicly against it.  

I'm just tired of everybody pretending these people aren't sick and that this isn't what's happening.  There's an awful lot of this sort of pathology on the right.  It explains a lot.