Wednesday, February 12, 2014

If My Woo Is True, What Does That Make You?

Woo Woo, Boo Hoo, Who are You to not see the Woo? What would you do if the Woo saw you? If you saw the Woo, and It saw you, then you'd be right here where I am, too.

Do you know, it's a funny thing... a lot of the times when the dog wakes up and then the wife does too, or when the dog wakes up and he wakes the wife, I tell her "sorry, it happened again" and she sighs and then listens to me as I tell her what it was like this time, then she usually says something like "the poor dog, I wish you wouldn't do that"...

Back when I was waking my son up in the other room at 4 am or so every fucking time, she used to tell me "please try not to wake him up tonight, I need to sleep...." We even agreed that if I were doing salvia meditations that it was ok to turn off his monitor for a while, because if I can't hear him stir, I never think about him waking up, and when I think about him waking up and hear him when he stirs in his sleep, that's when and why I'd wake him up.. the feedback of hearing his little noises in that state and hoping they weren't the sounds of him awakening was what seemed to feed the cycle, create worry on my part, and causing him to wake up...

The "miraculous" has become mundane in my house. "Honey, stop waking the baby up with your mind, I need my sleep tonight..." lol.... Then I go talk to my atheist friends whom I respect an awful lot and try to figure out how to talk to them about it and not get the standard automated response, but it just isn't possible. What a strange thing life is.

We atheists agree that a god is almost infinitely unlikely, but it's odd, I think, that for some reason that level of certainty is automatically transferred to anything that seems too strange to be true. Happens in science, too. Every great discovery is always met with scorn and derision, then argumentation, and then and only then acceptance, but in the form of pretending to have never disagreed with it. Lol.

The simple (in concept) idea that this reality is actually a dreamlike state that interacts with it's participants, is considered as unlikely as talking snakes and unicorns (which I recently learned are also in the Bible!). It's never factored into that doubt that, by it's very nature, if it were so, we would not be able to tell. It would literally fulfill our expectations when we doubt in it. It would deceive us.

And it's not like what we're seeing in science right now is any more credible than the idea of reality being a communal dreamlike state.

I mean, how familiar are you all with the current front-runner nowadays among cosmologists and quantum physicists, the theory with the most "followers?" It's the Level III multiverse, where every single time we make a decision (or a waveform collapses, which turns out to be the same thing in the sense that decisions are linked to waveform collapse of ions and so forth) the whole universe splits and one of us goes one way and the other one goes the other! Two universes where there was only one!

Or an infinite number go one way and an infinite number go the other! Or infinite numbers of us, infinite "me's" do every possible variation of that decision, making the waveform collapse itself an illusion!

Or the whole universe is a mathematical object! (The Level IV Multiverse)

That last is a real one that is not as popular but it's not laughed at either anymore! (Max Tegmark, "The Mathematical Universe.") (I just read it.)

And there's many other variations on this, one more wild than the other. Compared to the simple sentence "reality is a kind of dream" quantum physics is now the REAL WOO!

If reality is a mathematical object (quite possible I think) or a multiverse that just prints up zillions of complete universes every microsecond, then now we're forced to ask, how is that credible and a dream reality just obviously fucking nuts? As to the mathematical option, if true, how does living in a mathematical construct as sentient mathematical objects ourselves feel so real to us? How can it? And how far is all of this from it being a dreamlike thing, really? Math alone can apparently have real existence in this universe, even form it! Universes can split into infinite parallel copies every millisecond!

Stuff like that can go on in an imagination, but certainly not in our reality! What are they even thinking? That's craziness...

Why, it's almost like their saying that the Universe is like a Big Brain or something...