Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like.

Multiple entries allowed. Post the link(s) and we'll all get to vote on them. (No voting for your own)

I am not counting this as one of my regular posts. I just thought it might be fun, and we all need to laugh more, I think. Myself included.

So please post links to whatever video or film clips that you think are just too funny to remain continent while watching. Doesn't matter what it is, as long as it's funny. Any type of video, a section of a commercial, a home-made video, anything. I want to have to use a Depends here.

The best ones, let's say the top five for sure, will go into my photo gallery at right permanently. Lost forever in the plethora of well over a hundred confusing images where no-one ever goes. Because they're all afraid of the one hidden rickroll perhaps.

Hey, it's the best prize that I can come up with without spending money, and that's out.

I will not be posting any of the videos, by the way. All of my favorites are already hidden away safely in that aforementioned vertical Sargasso Sea of picture links on the right. I will be voting on yours, though. And keeping track of it all.

Oh, and while we're at it, what the hell...
If anybody has actually taken the time or feels like doing so now, please vote for your favorite photo link in my gallery. In most cases I've tried not only to find a funny (or interesting) video or picture or site, but also to select a picture that is not directly representative of it but relates to it in a humorous fashion.

If you've got a lot of time to kill, well, I've just solved your problem there......


Oh, and PS:
Let's not get too much into discussions of religion or atheism or spirituality or politics on this one. I just posted one yesterday for that, and there's still the Big Brain Blog at top right to post to... This one's really just for fun.


  1. Very good... My wife was almost on the floor.

    (I like my wife on the floor, so try harder next time...)

    Seriously though, very funny stuff. Gotta love C&C.

  2. Everyday Normal Guy


    How does one post a link here anyway ?

  3. Well, that worked. I saw the video.

    Sometimes really long links have to have a single space inserted halfway through or they get cut off... Or you could embed them if you can use html a tags. I think that's what they're called. I looked up how to on the web. I can't post them here to show you because, being html code, they disappear.

    Everyday Normal Guy was off the hook. That's a great concept.

  4. my cave man skills are showing again ;-)

  5. That was soooooo nasty, my belly is shaking.

  6. Brian,

    I am clueless as to how to do the links as well. And I'm not sure what to google for instructions.

  7. Go here:

    At the top of the page where they say "example" that line of html code is your formula. When you wish to post any link you paste the URL into where it says www.w3schools.com and whatever text you wish to appear underlined and bold as the link you pase in where it says Visit W3Schools.com!
    And when it gets posted all you'll see is the text link.

    I'd save the line of code somewhere and just copy it and paste it in and substitute where appropriate... That's what I did.

  8. I haven't looked at all the links on your sidebar yet, so I don't know if this is there already or not, but here goes:


    It's in a playlist, but it's the first one. I'm not sure where to clip the link to only get the first song, so I left it all in.

    word verification = "forkedus"

    No shit.

  9. Here's a small clip from the movie "Shakes the Clown"

    Peanut Butter

  10. You guys shoulda never showed me how to insert hyperlinks....


  11. Ok Brian,

    Gotta ask, it says film clip. But is this including any video clip?

  12. Umm...

    To me this is hysterical. In the spirit of playing loose with the 'film' aspect. I'll try the link thing.

    Funniest Moment of Rocky III.

  13. ANY video clip whatsoever!

    I should have been more CLEAR, I can see that now. Not just a clip from a film, ANYTHING that is funny. I draw the line at the really gross sexual stuff like two girls one cup by the way... lol... Thats not humor.

  14. I've got Beelz already... It's under my picture of a little Elmer Fudd devil...
    Steven Lynch is hysterical though. I love his stuff in general. Like "grandfather die..."

  15. rian,
    Cecked out the devil pic on your sidebar, that's a slightly different version. The one I linked to is animated.

  16. Peanut Butter! That was Aunt Esther!!!


  17. Homoerotic Rocky moments weird, not really funny... Strange is the word.

    They do seem happy together, don't they?

  18. Penn and Teller AND Bobcat. Well, you can't really go wrong with that, huh?

    Pretty good one there too.

    This is more fun than I anticipated. My wife's loving it too. All good stuff.

  19. I'm still creeped out by that Rocky clip...

    I guess it was pretty funny at that. It's just that the strangeness factor was off the charts. But the culture club soundtrack was perfect, I must admit.

  20. Maybe I should introduce a separate category for "Most Awesome Video."

    It's all good.

  21. Brian,

    It was the incongruity. It should've made you uncomfortable, the guy cut the video really well (if he edited it at all, i don't know). Regardless, the song fits: verse chorus verse chorus bridge chorus. To each hith own thathy girl!

  22. Well Mac, I think you and pboy are tied for the top two so far. Drinking pee and a man's head going someplace new... :-D

  23. Yeah, the pee drinking and the elephant's rectal attack are both definitely strong contenders so far.

    I really liked the everyday normal guy clip a lot too for some reason, although it wasn't side-splitting like the other two aforementioned ones...

    That elephant thing is really something. Wow. I wouldn't have thought that it was possible.

    And the Lewis Black clip is I think his very best work. I remember seeing that in one of his standup routines. It may have been when I saw him in concert two years ago... But I also have all his DVDs so it may be in one of them....

    The judging will be tough I think...

    I figure that we'll go a few days throwing clips at each other then when it's obvious that we've run dry, I'll "call it" and list all the clips and the people that "entered" them and we all can talk about which one is the best.

  24. Brian,

    You know I forgot that there were some of us who played guitar. I'm down to two these days, but am probably going to get an acoustic/electric bass as well.

    Everyday Normal Guy definitely has its moments. As for Black I just have never found him funny. When it comes to making fun of religion nobody beats Bill Hicks or Lenny Bruce. Black just can't compare.

  25. So far the Peanut Butter clip has managed to gross me out more than the Rocky clip...

    Aunt Esther! She ought not talk like that!

  26. If you thought Aunt Esther was bad, you should see the rest of the movie, too.

  27. Oh, and BTW, LaWanda Page did stand-up, too, and was as foul-mouthed a beeyotch as any I've ever heard, contrary to her gospel-singing persona from Sanford & Son.

  28. This is a nice interlude blog... lots of fun checking out these videos I might not otherwise see.
    Poor Brian, though. Using him as my personal secretary...since I can't commit myself to learning how to do links. I just emailed him the SNL classic of Schwetty Balls, and I guess he'll put it up when he gets around to it. LOL (Thanks Brian.) It's always been one of my favorites.

  29. Funny stanhope bit there too...

    This is kinda fun, isn't it?

  30. Something a tad less juvenile from my side, perhaps?


  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. Sorry :-)

    Ed mentioned something less juvenile.
    Perhaps something with...
    Dignity ?

  33. I know, those fellas aren't for everybody.
    I find them funnier than shit. Maybe I'm just a little immature....or maybe a lot !

  34. Well Brian,

    I haven't given up, but (as well a theist might believe) I've run into a rule, a youtube rule. If a video is funny and not completely vulgar it will have bad sound or bad visual. If it is not funny it will come in all forms whether bad or good.

    Don't get me wrong vulgar can be hilarious, and it can be real dumb too. This is after hours of not finding anything remotely as funny as 'pee and soap.'

  35. No, the "DIGNITY" thing is definitely funny....

    :-) Gross, but funny.

  36. Been looking for this one for a while now...

    Orange Juice

  37. I never saw Feynman like that before... Wow!

  38. I guess theoretical physicists are people, too.

  39. This one is like getting your high-school sweet heart pregnant...more fun than funny ;-)


  40. Utterly speechless.

    Well people, think about it this way. If any of you are song writers, one of the most brilliant physicists of the 20th century just made you look like Bach, well...maybe Hendrix.

  41. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNjcuZ-LiSY

    I chose cake by the way...

  42. I've always liked that bit.

  43. http://www.videospider.tv/Videos/Detail/1415496980.aspx

    another classic

  44. A lot of good stuff here. This is fun.

    Hey, religious stuff welcome too. Very welcome. It should have it's own category.

    My favorite religious one so far is a clip from this apparently ABYSMAL japanese film, I think its called "Legend of the Liquid Sword." I have the clip in my photo gallery under the guy dressed as Jesus in a karate stance... It's the Original Kung Fu Jesus! It slays me every time.


    Now that was really, really funny. We have a definite challenger here... That's an instant classic!

    Pee and soap though... Tough call.

  46. I draw the line at the really gross sexual stuff like two girls one cup by the way... lol... Thats not humor.


    you know,

    it took me MONTHS to get those terrible images out of my head then you just HAD to go and bring it up.

    if you weren't such a cool guy you would totally suck for doing that.

    j/k ;)

  47. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eczqaJa006U

    'The guy in the blanket' scene.


  48. Ignore the first three.. if you read this far first!

  49. BTW .. on the funny version.. glance at the comments!

  50. That guy reminded me of the numa numa guy...

    Pretty funny stuff.

    Guess I'll keep this running a few more days to get all the last-minute entries in...

  51. Please Brian, do keep it running!

    I get a new laugh every time :-)

  52. We'll call it over when a coupla days go by with no new entries then...

    I'm in no hurry. This is fun for me too.

  53. I just left this one off at Seeker's blog as it seemed very appropriate to the topic but I also think it's pretty funny in that sick twisted sort of way.


  54. Perhaps my most used word...no it's not "Idunno".

  55. C'mon, people! Don't we have more important things to be watching - like the real-time what-are-Sasha-and-Malia-having-for-lunch-at-their-new-school media swarm?

  56. hey brian. it's nice to catch up on your shenanigans. :)

    i had been taking a break for a while because i was about to go crazy from dealing with dial up internet.

    hitlerchu san,

    i agree. it is absolutely imperative that we know exactly what the lunch options are for the obamatots

  57. Ste BG - new post with visual that are right up your twisted alley ;)

  58. Is it too soon?:

    1. Pee and Soap
    2. Beelz
    3. Everyday Normal Guy
    4. Shit (not really funny ha ha)
    5. Shwetty Balls

    Favorite Brian link:

    We are all individuals! (Far Side cartoon)

  59. No, it's getting there, I think...

    I was going to say that we all select the ONE best video, but if you wish to select the top five that's fine...

  60. Sorry Bri, I assumed from talking about the top 5 in your article, that we would each pick 5.
    My bad.

  61. It seems that Pee and Soap is the leader thus far for the title...

    This has been fun. The other night I showed several of these videos to my wife and son... My son was on the floor over pee and soap, loved Everyday Normal Guy, but also said that his pick for #2 spot after Pee and Soap was "Fight." He's a computer geek so he really laughed his ass off at it.

    Oh, and Jesus VS the Terminator... I personally really liked that one a lot. He keeps shooting Judas! I just about lost it then...

  62. Commandments is pretty good too.

  63. Jesus v. Terminator, Everyday Normal Guy and Commandments win my votes (in decreasing order of funny).

  64. Today's useless trivia factoid: The girl in "Commandments" hanging around with Charlton Heston is Yvonne de Carlo, aka "Lily Munster".

  65. Funniest unintentional line.

    Moses says, "I'm a stranger, in a strange land..."

    Right! He'd been there all his life and his people had been hanging out for at least a couple of hundred years according to the story!

    Moses felt like a stranger in a strange land, having been brought up as an Egyptian in the royal court and all!

    "His Hebrew mother, Jochebed, hid him when the Pharaoh ordered all newborn Hebrew boys to be killed, and he ended up being adopted into the Egyptian royal family."

    Apparently the royal family couldn't help but rub it in that he was actually a Hebrew, though they didn't know it themselves!(small details)

    Call me a cynic if you want Brian, but I say that that is not a very likely thing for him to say!

  66. Uh, pboy, it's only a story, remember? :-)

    Lotsa flaws. That's how you can tell, in fact.

  67. Commandments is very, very good...

    Samuel L. Jackson???????????????


  68. yea, Brian, it IS only a story.

    But people are dying from this story, really!

  69. yea, Brian, it IS only a story.

    But people are dying from this story, really!

  70. Hey, a double post.. first time I've seen THAT on these blogs!

    Must be doubly true!

  71. "I'm a stranger, in a strange land..."

    ---- I would swear that was Valentine Micheal Smith...

  72. And you're Jubal Harshaw no doubt.

    I grok you nonetheless.

  73. Apparently Moses plagiarized Heinlein somehow...

    It's a MIRACLE!!!

  74. My fav Heinlein:
    "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress"

    Read most of the rest of his stuff, too.

  75. One of my favorite scifi books is Fiasco by Stanislaw Lem

  76. Different people see things in differently.

    This guy sees history(recent) through food.

    historic food fight

  77. "Apparently Moses plagiarized Heinlein somehow...",- Brian.


    Moses, while taking a stroll(about noonish), accidentally singes his brain, causing a temporal rift where he sees visions of the movie, "Stranger in a strange land!"

    Okay, so he doesn't like the movie BUT he uses that line!

    It's all there!

    If we could ONLY convince those magical thinkers now.

  78. I've found God !

    He's here, there, and everywhere. Well, at least his son is. He even made a rap thing.....

    Jesus rap"

  79. One flaw in your Moses theory, Pboy.

    They never made a movie out of it. It's just the book as far as I (and IMDB) recall...

  80. I believe 'The Man Who Fell to Earth' (David Bowie) was loosely based on SiSL

  81. That's the thing.
    Sometimes we see something we think is funnier than the target :-)

    Case in point:

    a funny accident

  82. Yea, I think that Bowie's character went through 'grokking'.

    I read the book many many years ago and saw the movie many years ago.

  83. Brian,
    I like your ANNOYING link. However, I think he's on a sport bike, I prefer big fat cruisers.

    A real motorcycle says...." potato, potato, potato"

  84. Thanks, Mac!

    So let me get this straight.

    The fact that the frog wasn't on a cruiser type invisible motorcycle ANNOYED you?

    Hmm... I guess it really IS annoying then.

  85. Some of my faves among my linked picture gallery:

    The "He died for your sins, now it's your turn" Kung Fu Jesus pic... Links to the WORST Jesus film ever!

    The pic of Jesus all in white with glowing background links to that "I Will Survive" (Gloria Gaynor) Jesus lipsynch film that just slays me every single time...

    The cat with shark mouth (Pretty far down in the gallery) links to the infamous Pinky the Cat film. A must-see.

    The real pic of a man holding what appears to be a large dead rabbit links to the Family Guy Elmer Fudd Kills Bugs scene.

    Oh, and I just LOVE the fainting goats! (yellow road sign pic with "fainting goats" caution on it) I do! I admit it! Too cute!

  86. Man who fell to earth was a good film but a real downer.

    I prefer The Hunger. Bowie as aging vampire, Catherine Deneuve gets naked with a young Susan Sarandon. YOW!

  87. Back to my photo gallery...

    "Baby you can drive my car" and "Curbside Catastrophy" and "Tales of the Unexpected" are three of my favorite car commercials.

    "A Friend With Weed is a Friend Indeed" is just hysterically funny if you like stoner doggies.

    And the wet cat with the weird humanish impish face is the Cat Washing Machine video... (The cat is not amused)

  88. Why not let's have everyone state their very most favorite funny clip now, so we can get an idea of which one is the winner, and so on.
    I'm curions now that we've collected quite a few. Is Pee and Soap still the frontrunner? Hmmm...

    Also, since I've still got a day or two to go on my next post before I actually get around to posting it, let's continue the film discussion as well since it was fun and interesting to me at least...

    Favorite Films???

    Categories are appropriate here...

    Favorite SF Film, Horror Film, Suspense, Romance/Romantic Comedy, and generic Comedy for starters? And musical perhaps...


    Just a discussion, no contest.

    Oh, and let's add in Favorite Religious Film too. What the hell.

  89. I'd say that my favorite suspense film is probably "The Usual Suspects" but "Seven" is a close tie. Spacey is brilliant in both.

    Anyone ever see "Gaslight" with Ingrid Bergmann? A real classic that one.

    Favorite mindless suspense film is probably "Die Hard."

  90. My favorite suspense film is "Silence of The Lambs"....classic.

    I have worked out a decent impersonation of the Buffalo Bill Character. The ladies really liike it! It goes over real well on dates....I wonder if that's why I never get a second ?

    word confirmation stelly.....Reminds me of "A Street Car Named Desire".

    Favorite Brando movie: "Last Tango in Paris" Smoking hot- except for the image of the Godfather demanding a finger up his bumm ?

  91. Brian,
    These are cute, funny and/or cool, if I czn get the links in to you properly:





  92. Well, it's been a tough week...

    I had my next post all ready to post to my blog the other night and Microsoft Word decided to crash as I was saving it, so it's back to the drawing board...

    My (4-months pregnant) wife slipped and fell on the ice yesterday and hit her head. Slight concussion, no harm done to the baby... So we spent a lovely day in the hospital. She's still in some pain from it, and tomorrow has an amniocentesis appt.

    I'm hoping that I can get to the blog by the weekend at this rate.

  93. Don't worry Bri, we have a relatively deep affection for you and a sense of our own inadequacies. Take your time.

  94. Take care of what is important Brian. The blog can wait.

    I hope all is well with the tests :-)

  95. Amnio went great, she's doing fine, so is baby as far as we can tell at this point. The results take almost two weeks, so then we'll really know for sure, including it's sex.

    And her headache finally went away from the concussion.

    Poor kid. She's had a tough two days.

  96. Well I'm glad to hear that Mary is doing fine.

    Sure is the shits about Botts Ma, though.

    Here I was tempted to list all the 'passings away' of my friends and family over the years.

    I didn't want to give him an impression of 'never mind your pain- let's talk about me', kind of thing.

    I don't mind telling you though!(hehe)

    Over ten years ago childhood friend, found dead in a cold apartment in Dundee Scotland! Man he was cheap, and would have been proud to know that you'd noticed! His sister got some cash, no doubt!

    Thirty years ago, a work aquaintence shot his own head off with a twelve guage.

    Around that time another work dude got mooshed while riding shot-gun in a street race.

    Neighbor round the corner hung himself over love.

    Step-son's buddy hung himself over love.

    My wife overdosed on prescription pill cocktail in the 90s. (her boyfriend made a suicide pact with her and he reneged.)

    In that same year..
    Friend and ex-lover shot to death by her boyfriend with .22 rifle. He blew his own head off with a 30.06 or something.

    Aquaintance drowned at sea, he suddenly found himself being captain of an 'untersee booten'.

    Friend stabbed ex-lover to death in a drunken argument over the volume of the stereo.(her liver was killing her anyways)

    My doctor committed suicide for love.

    At different times..

    Bar aquaintence(played cards), Emma's niece's hubby, suddenly contracted cancer and died shortly after.

    A neighbor fell into a 'boiling' tub of water while having a seizure.

    A long time friend shot himself in the head with a pistol when his ex told him that it was over forever.

    My dad died of lung cancer. (long time smoker)

    My mom died of lung cancer.(NEVER smoked)

    Emma's mom died of some kind of cancer. She was a grand old matriarch.

    Long time friend's son died of heroin overdose in the bath-tub.

    Another friend left town and died of overdose of crack or cocaine.(that wasn't too surprising because I met him in the bar with old folk I knew and he was new in town, running away from drugs!)

    Emma's buddy(brother's buddy actually) attacked by Grizzly bear...(for love! NO, just kidding)

    .... he's OKAY!(scarred for life, physically and emotionally tho')

    That's all I can think of just now.

  97. Shoot that post sounded cold when I meant the exact opposite!

    I'm glad to hear she's doing well. Any names?

    I'm thinking Erlenmyer or Hawking Godless.

    If you don't do it, I'm going to name one of my next kids Erlenmyer.

  98. Wow pboy, that'a quite the list. So sorry about it all. Wow.

    My dad died of liver cancer. Took two years. Horrible. So I can relate, at least a little.

  99. This was supposed to be the fun, funny thread and look where we wound up.

  100. You want me to name my son after a flask?

    Hey, a test tube maybe, considering his own genesis, but never a flask.

  101. You want to laugh?

    We're naming him Connor if it's a boy and possibly Pandora if a girl, although not sure on that last.

    We actually considered the boy name "Xerxes." Lol. But don't wanna do that to a kid.

  102. Erlenmeyer only fit if the last name is actually Godless. I was thinking graphic novel/movie type name. Not super-villain material more anti-hero.

    The blog was fun Brian, I'm glad you did it. I just kept coming up empty handed. I'm tooooooo serious.

    Imagine a blog devoted to the best clip exemplifying pathos. I probably would've posted fifteen times.

    Connor's a good name especially with your heritage. Last name's not MacLeod though is it?

  103. Connor's a good name especially with your heritage. Last name's not MacLeod though is it?
    Ahh, you've caught me. I've liked the name ever since seeing Highlander, as queer as that may be. :-)

    Yeah, this was fun for me. Kinda nice to not disagree on anything more important than which video is funniest.

    By the way, WHICH VIDEO WAS FUNNNIEST, anyhow? :-)

    Do you wanna just call it all as just a good time showing each other videos and not pick a winner? I mean, we're all adults and I liked them all anyhow, so it's fine by me if we just leave it at that. I'd say Pee and Soap is pretty hard to beat, but several others came very close....
    Hard to choose.

  104. Xerxes is cool though. It means "Ruler of Champions."

    Plus he was king of Persia I think, after his daddy Darius.

    Another cool name, that one. Sounds like a vampire name. Darius.

  105. Wasn't one of Ann Rice's vampires named Darius? I forget...

  106. Just don't name him Barack.

    If you put Barack in his name I will hunt you down and lay a beating on you, I swear.

  107. No danger of a Barack. I like Barack Obama a lot, but it's not a name that resonates with me culturally. Then again, neither should Xerxes. So I'm basically illogical and senseless, as you've often suspected pboy.

    Connor is cool with me. I like my irish half, since I am half italian and half Irish BUT was adopted at 4 months by a very Italian family.... So in rebellion against my guido relatives I choose Irish as my main heritage psychologically.

    But unlike many Irishmen I like Scotland and the Scots people just fine. I love Robbie Burns. Wee sleekit corwrin beastie Boy that he was... But I also love Yeats. Sorry Pboy.

    And I doubt that I'll ever be tempted to try haggis either.


  108. And I forgot "tim'rous" in my Burns quote there, sorry pboy.

    I would be laithe to rin and chase thee with murd'rin pattle, though. Truthfully. And I happen to have a murd'rin pattle, too.

  109. When I first got with my wife she got a couple of rats. We were laying in bed, and listening to 'scritch scritch' and I went into 'hunting mode' with a machete.

    I got the poor little bugger, chopped him right in half.

    Next night, 'scritch scritch'... hunting mode.. squished it's head between self and back of cupboard.

    She got some poison because there was probably an big family under the house(which had a dirt basement).

  110. Wow.. I read that last one over. You can tell that I just woke up because it looks like a 'how many ways can you use the word 'got'.

  111. Bri,

    I'd say 'orange juice' too for the "what the..." factor.

  112. Brian, With your interests in such things I would like to recommend a book if you haven't already read it. Nobel laureate Dr Frank Wilczek's "The Lightness of Being". Not exactly the Big Brain, but his notion of 'the Grid' is interesting.

  113. Thank you Pliny. I'll look for it this week since I'm going to the bookstore one of these days.

    Also, there's new activity on the old BB blog that I posted a permanent link to. A new poster. Don't know where he heard of the place. I've been posting to other blogs lately so he must be from one of those. Or from the blog community that I just joined. Good to see a new face. Or whatever. Icon.

    And he also recommends a book. So now I have two to look for.


  114. Hey, just as a humorous aside, click on the new pic in my gallery at the top...

    The "Sinus Congestion" one...

    Let me know what you think.


  115. I suggested that we name our kids "LaTwanda" and "Wolfgang", but the wife wouldn't hear of it...

  116. Trivia factoid for today:

    I originally saw the 'Orange Juice' thingy by Feynmann on a docmebtary about him, and being a physics geek to begin with, I just had to watch. The narrator remarked that when that particular bit was shot, Feynmann knew he was dying of cancer, too.

  117. Feynmann was an amazing man. Almost too good, like an ideal to be strived for. Graceful, intellectual, and more important than everything else, HUMAN.

    I loved the guy. To be so real, and also so fucking smart... Impressive.

  118. Orange Juice will definitely go in my gallery...

    And Pee and Soap

    And everyday normal guy...

    And a few others too......

    (But not peanut butter!!!)

    This was different!