Thursday, March 1, 2012

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  1. Yea, what I said about the wealthy playing everyone against everyone.

    The religious seem to be more than happy to play along what with their willingness to be affronted by most anything.

    Y'know, I'm thinking that if you have an 8 or 9 figure bank acct. playing games with people to see how miserable you can make them, or at least to see how angry you can make them, likely seems like a bit of fun.

    Now I'm supposing it's similar to being a jaded cop, a judge or a soldier, you might drive drunk, no-one is going to fuck with you 'cos you're above the law.

    What I'm saying becomes obvious if you look at those two old farts the Koch brothers. What are they getting out of this except kicks?

    More money? They don't need any more fuckin' money, they just want to imagine they're fucking with as many people as possible is all I can think of.

    And this explains fucking with just about all women! We might think, "Why that's insane!", and you know, it is fuckin' insane, but they're just fuckin' with us 'cos they can, 'cos it sends them to sleep with a little smile on their lips.

  2. The so-called-left-wing pundits are fuckin' with us too. They twist everything into a nice soft-left package for us to explain to us how hard we're done by.

    Obama isn't a traitor to the left at all no, he is simply enacting every single used-to-be-Republican idea there ever was, and we know how good that is, 'cos the bat-shit-crazy-right are totally against it now.

    How hard done by are we now, apparently willing to slide slowly to the right now, and why?

    'Cos the rich are actually in league with the Chinese on this thing, they get to use the Chinese as slaves and gut the working class on this side of the Pacific.

    It's Animal Farm, but instead of animals, it's American bosses joining with Chinese bosses making Chinese labour fuck over American labour. We're just seeing it from the human owner's side of the Animal Farm story, half of us thinking 'we're' the bosses too.

    But no.

  3. What if suddenly there was a bout of inflation, gas went to $10 a gallon and everything else went up to suit?

    Suddenly that $1000,000 nest-egg that quite a lot of people have these days, wouldn't be worth more than a new car and some gas money!

    Suddenly people making $10/$20 an hour would be right up Shit Creek.

    Remember the good old days of left wing presidents, everyone playing catch up with wages?

    We're having none of that these days eh?

    We're too busy wondering if women will be allowed(ALLOWED?) to take the pill!

  4. Pliny, nothing exciting. If you post it will take you to the last post.

  5. Seems to me that the lefty pundits are all BRAGGING that Obama has a Republican agenda and amazed that the 'new right', oh my LAWRD, just can't remember their own old Republican/new Democrat POV!

    And their new ideological point of view? Fuck the poor, fuck the old, fuck the sick, old and poor! Yay those making millions and billions!

    Talk about confusion technique! Their new ideology is fuck the poor and the workers, let's make the rich richer!!!

    And you, you're willing to put up with just any old Republican ideas, just so long as those kamikazee politicians don't get to do more damage than they've done!

    And there's that Bush tax cut teaser out there to save us all, if only Obama gets back in.

    And just look at all the cut rate jobs in the auto industry that Obama saved!!! They took a huge bath on their wages and pensions and are busy LOVING IT!

    That there is confusion technique!

  6. I can't figure out how to fix the log. I've tried everything I could think of. Shit.

  7. I wonder who it is that changes the blog, and for what purpose. I notice when I go past 200 I get a black back ground, and on the first 200 I get a whit back ground. Could it be a Christian jerking the chain?

  8. Hasn't anyone been watching the car commercials?

    Hey look this fucker will reverse park itself!

    Yowza! Look at this piece of crap, comes with a stereo that you can talk to!

    WTF? Did they slip LSD into our pop when we weren't looking or something?

    30 m.p.g. is something they BRAG about with a frickin' hybrid?

    The same old oil barons pulling the same old strings.

    Seen any commercials for the Volt or the Leaf?

    Fuckin' LEAF?? That's a name de-fucking-signed to turn peoples' stomachs!

    Last I heard, the Volt was catching fire! How'd that happen that when I think of electric car I think of it going up in flames?

  9. pboy, You may want to read this article on gas mileage in the future as put out by BP.

    BP Predicts the Future of Cars (Hint: Yours Probably Isn't Part of It)

  10. Blunt's amendment struck down 51 to 48.

    That makes you guys just this side of not-bat-shit crazy, right?

    These 48 yeas are States with no women in them and/or guys with complete disregard for women under the guise of some kind of 'religious freedom'.

    But it's not 'religious freedom' at all really now, is it? It's a Christian 'thing', certainly not 'freedom'.

    What do we all think of the Sikhs and Hindus killing their daughters for not doing what they're damned well told?

    Well we all know that they're not REAL religions, right?

  11. These 48 yeas are States with no women .. sorry... 24 States, you know what you read was what I meant, admitit.

  12. A cut and p...
    To embrace the strategy of Jesus is to be engaged in what dean Brackley calls "downwards mobility." Our locating ourselves with those who have been endlessly excluded becomes an act of visible protest. For no amount of our screaming at the people in charge to change things can change them. The margins don't get erased by simply insisting that the powers that be crease them. The trickle-down theory doesn't really work here. The powers bent on waging war against the poor and the young and the "other" will only be moved to kinship when they observe it. Only when we can see a community where the outcast is valued and appreciated will we abandon the values that seek to exclude.

  13. Well I have a bit of a problem with the idea that Jesus set himself up to be charged with blasphemy aimed at having himself sacrificed for all mankind in light of this other supposed agenda of downward mobility.

    Seems if one is going to emphasize the latter, one is preparing for a bait and switch since it is so obvious that the vast majority of those who claim their religion's namesake(in fact title-sake), well there's no reason to even complete that thought, is there?

    We're talking two personalities here, your Jesus, for the poor and disenfranchised, and Christ, who came to save souls, both 'according to the stories'.

  14. I was afraid that using the word Jesus the main idea would be ignored.

  15. Don't know why they're so upset about Limbaugh's bullshit after 48 U.S.Senators, including four women, basically lied about what this is all about.

    All these supposedly honorable, Christian men and women, reduced to politicking, backing each other up, backing each other into a corner, in a fight that it's hard to imagine they can win.

  16. MI,
    How do you stand behind a party that tries to keep people from voting? Are you as opposed to a democracy as those that try to keep people from voting?

  17. What a bunch of wimps the right conservatives are, letting a person, a sick person, call a college student a slut and prostate with no disagreement whatsoever.

  18. Rush Limbaugh is a gutless sack of shit

  19. I actually can't believe I'm shocked at what he said. He is Rush Limbaugh after all. But I am.

    What bothers me more is this sudden race to be the biggest fucking moron regarding contraception that's occurring right now among conservatives.

  20. The Christians talk about hell, Living inside Limbaugh's head with the type of thinking he does, that is the real hell.

  21. I'd love to hear Eric argue for zygot personhood while arguing against (I'm presuming he would) adult chimpanzee personhood.

    Let's see if the Beetlejuice thing still works.

    Eric. Eric. Eric.

  22. I find it interesting that there are no links to blogger help anywhere in my blog 'dashoard.'

    I just got a new comp though so after tomorrow at least I can use my whold keyboard without pounding several times on 'certain keys.'

    It's soooo sweet.... mmmmmm.....HP laptop with many bells and whistles.

  23. I think you have to draw an inverted pentagram in ox feces for "HIM" to appear, no?

  24. I thought the lemming thing was a myth, but as I see the republicans following each other over the cliff I am not so sure. Maybe lemmings are smarter than republicans.

  25. What model computer did you get lucky?

  26. Limbaugh has absolutely no clue how 'the pill' works and is talking to other old farts who also have no clue how 'the pill' works?

    I don't think so.

    He's talking to the guys who say crap like, "Obama? He's a fuckin' terrorist!"

    They'll be knee-slapping away thinking that someone might actually be suckered in to imagining that a woman needs to take a pill before she fucks 'Joe', then needs to take another pill if she wants to fuck 'Fred' and so on and so forth.

    I'm sure that there are such people on this planet but if I were a politician I would be terrified that the only way I could get votes would be to rely on such subterfuge.

  27. I got a kick out of Rachael Maddow imagining that some woman would set out to fuck a thousand guys in a day.

    As I understand it, there are some 86 thousand seconds in a day, one fuck every 86 seconds, less than a minute and a half for each customer!

    YIKES! Woman would have to have a timer and a THOUSAND of the horniest kids on the planet for CHRISSAKES, all lined up and ready to hump!

    There's a frickin' hall of shame, never mind the woman herself, who I'd be willing to count as 'some kind of heroine, and certainly a record breaker!

    GEEZ! If she looked like one of these broads who say stuff like, "$50? I'd fuck you for 25!", the guys would need a god-damned medal!

    "Number 867, get the fuck in HERE! The countdown is ON!", GAWD, it would be like humping an empty jar of Super-economy sized Vaseline! LMAO!

    As the joke goes, "My my, I didn't expect you to have such a small organ!"

    "Oh well, I wasn't expecting to be playing in a CATHEDRAL!"

  28. On religion.

    I cannot believe the Bible, given a reading through it, as 'The Good Book', and comparing it as history to the actual history of the World.

    What is the difference between genocides performed in the name of Nazism and genocide performed in the name of God?

    "And the Amalekites(or whatever) were an abomination in the eyes of the Lord and he said, "Fuck 'em!", and verily, we did fuck 'em.

    What? You have to be insane to say to yourself, "Ya know, the Lord put us in this World, and if HE wants to take us out, wholesale, that's just dandy with me!"

    Fucking rubbish!

    And Jesus, and W.L.Craig's dismissal of all the magic, never mind the stupid, stupid magic, everyone was fuckin' magic in-those-days, what about the historical stuff?

    Well fuck you you moron! Crackers into what? Dummies.

  29. Short story.

    Crazy scientist conjures(invents, discovers, you know, tubes, wires ducts, incandescent balls) a new dimension!

    Stalwart adventurers go in. "It's a little weird in here.", a little ways in.(heh)

    "It's getting a little weirder!"(a little further in)

    (control) "Keep going!"

    "My LAWRD, it's weird!"(even further in)

    (control) "Keep going!"

    "Oh FUCK!"

    (control) "Welcome to United States territory!!"

  30. Yes Peeb, there aren't too many stories floating around about Canadian hegemony... but us Amarkins really take to manifest destiny.

    Concerning Sandra Fluke, I think Limbaugh was completely out of line and should apologize for such blatant misogyny.

    Per the contraceptive issue specifically, I agree with the conservatives in the sense that if contraceptives are to be paid for it should extend from individual rights, I don't see sex as a right.

  31. Harry; the way I see the issue is that it's not whether Obama Care is right/wrong/good/bad/whatever, which seems to be where you are coming from. It's that Obama Care simply is and since most insurance plans cover male ED Drugs, then they would also need to cover contraception.

    And even if they didn't cover ED drugs, contraception is health care and I can't see any reason why it would be excluded from mandated coverage.

  32. There are a number of medical conditions and circumstances for which oral contraceptives are medically indicated beyond sex.

    There are no medical conditions for which Viagra is indicated other than sex related ED.

    Viagra is payed for by most insurance.

    If conservatives don't want to pay for sex (many have to, I understand...) then cut off the ED pills.

    If they don't want to change that, it must be that one of our most common epitates for neocons, is really true ;)

  33. Of course Republican literally means, 'we are all equal but some are more equal than others'.

    It's the only way one can explain black Republicans, gay Republicans, Democrats who are actually, in all but name, Republicans.

    Guy goes to the local bishop and says, "I guess I should be a Catholic."

    Bishop says, "Of course you should but can you tell me how you came to see that?"

    Guy say, "Well, every time I eat some crackers, they turn into Jesus."

  34. I just realized why repulicans need viagra.

    It's a lot harder to get aroused when you're only having sex with the opposite sex but are secretly fantasizing about the same sex.

  35. When I was in Texas I ate a few lady crackers and all they did was scream for jesus... hmmmm....

  36. I find it incredible that blacks and gays even want to be repulicans. Or hispanics for that matter.

    Why? Being a conservative is more important than being in a party that doesn't wish you were dead?


  37. I'm not sure how this 'gas price' thing works these days. How can we be sure that oil companies can't speculate on oil, driving the price up, then using the extra profits to speculate MORE on the price of oil going up?

    Is it because we all know that deep down, oil companies are really decent 'persons'?

    Even if it's not the oil companies 'themselves'(in quotes 'cos I don't think of companies as 'persons'), isn't it just the latest in a long chain of bubbles that the very rich use to fleece everyone else, all.the.fuckin'.time??

    In the Seventies, before the labour unions were bitch-slapped, the Master's drumbeat(Dr.Who fan obscure reference) was, "Inflationinflationinflationinflation."(repeat), just about every night on the news.

    When the rich use it as a technique to increase the number of their wealth by an order of magnitude($100 now being worth $10 then), skimming some actual wealth from the 99% in the process, inflation is never, ever mentioned.

    I liked it way better when the Christians were ashamed of their slave-holder mentality and stayed the HELL out of politics because they understood that it was a wicked rich man's game.

    This Christo-Republican phony-baloney is just coming to it's logical(if you can call insanity 'logical') conclusion with it's downgrading of women back to second class citizens.

    Fuck, MI likes it. Masochism is alive and well and loves company, is the only thing I can think of.

  38. "It's a lot harder to get aroused when you're only having sex with the opposite sex but are secretly fantasizing about the same sex."

    Crybaby Boehner and Mr. Turtle look like little boy humpers, seriously!

  39. It's amazing to me too that black men can imagine they have anything in common with white guys who would think nothing of turning back the clock and re-enslaving them.

    "Let's go back to the good old days where we arrested people for being black and put them to work for us for nothing! Job creators us. Ayup."

    I, for one, have no problem imagining a cop stopping a rich black man, arresting him, and the court putting him to work in a mine.

    "We have reason to believe that the colour of your skin indicates that you're a terrorist. Better safe than sorry, I always say. Ayup."

  40. Pliny,

    "If conservatives don't want to pay for sex (many have to, I understand...) then cut off the ED pills." I agree actually.


    Could you draw the line between contraceptives that are solely for contraception and healthcare? Also, I don't agree with them about Obamacare in general, just this.

  41. Harry; not really, as that's the woman's choice no?

    It's like trying to tell a woman she can't have an abortion because of the reason she wants the abortion.

    Either they're legal or they're not.

    How do you possibly draw any lines without massively infringing on someones rights?

  42. Seems to me that that is exactly what they're trying to do Ryan, by for all intents and purposes outlawing abortion clinics in some States.

    Sure abortion is still technically legal, not in reality legal if you cannot find someone competent to perform the procedure for you though.

    How long before they try to make it illegal to cross State lines to get one, or something similar.

    It's a fucking mess.

  43. Four copies is getting to be a bit much.

  44. Finally got the new comp up... this is GREAT!



  45. Yeah, I agree with Ryan here, Harry. You either provide 'women's health' or you don't.

    How would you like to be knocked up at eighteen? To many women, that would be destroying their health, in addition to all the responsibility. In addition to the other uses, the use of it for simply remaining not pregnant, is an important part of a woman's health. And if you say that they shouldn't be having sex, then we have to get rid of viagra coverage immediately! THAT has no other use BUT allowing men to have sex. A sex life, is a part of a person's HEALTHY life. Period.

  46. Stop wearing out your b and k keys!! This is what happens when you don't have spare keyboards laying around. My room is like a used and abused comp. shop. LOL

    One day, I swear I'll add the mem. sticks from my old one which I totally effed up trying to fix a mean virus to this one I use for the 'net 'cos it has Windows 7.

  47. I'll never understand the point of shaming a girl for getting preggers, especially if all they're allowed to be taught for sex ed. is abstention.

    No leeway for the power of hormones whatsoever! I totally do not 'get it'.

    I cannot imagine how we're expecting poor ignorant kids to have the wherewithall to raise kids, it's not as if getting the girl preggers suddenly makes a young guy knowledgable, less prone to getting ripped off by for profit colleges, maybe get desperate and go police Afghanistan for no reason at all excepting that some flag-worshippers see America's role as the World's policemen!

    Hey, the only reason that Afghanistan isn't this generation's Viet Nam is because they're willing to have parades and there's no draft, let's be honest here.

    The only reason I'm going off on tangents here and prattling on is because I have to go grocery shopping and I'm stalling as if I'm hoping for a meteor to come crashing through the ceiling here and put me out of my misery.

    There, I said it.

  48. It's an HP Pavilion DVO with a 16" screen and radeon graphics, an Intel Core I-5 processor and a few other bells and whistles. The keyboard is particularly good, keys are almost flush and cannot be pried off, which is what my toddler did to my two other Dell comps. That's why the B and K keys weren't working... we had to put the broken keys back together and re-install them. Pain in the ass.
    Shit, this is niiiiice.

  49. Yeah, where did all the hostility to sluts come from? They're GREAT!

    I'm serious though... what is it about a woman that doesn't keep her legs together that earns all the disrespect?

    If it's a christian thing, why is it so desirable for them to have untouched maidens? Gonna throw them into a volcano or something?

    Limbaugh apologized to her... I hope it's too late. I hope he loses all his sponsors and gets the Imus treatment.

  50. Anybody know where to start a new version of this blog?

    Actually, I'm thinking of changing the title to "JESUS CHRIST!" Just like that, all caps with the exclamation mark.

    I want it to come up in the searches of religious people.

  51. Ste B- I posted a kid lit story for your offspring ;)

  52. I'm not a big fan of John Loftus, but look! Eric's made the "Big Time".

    John's final comment to Eric is well stated and could be applied here on more than one occasion.

  53. Crybaby Boehner and Mr. Turtle look like little boy humpers, seriously!
    Yeah, I look at those two and an alarm goes off, too. They just look 'not-normal' in a disturbing way. Especially Mr. Turtle. He looks like an old woman. And acts like one, too. A vindictive old woman. While Boehner is more like a little girl.

  54. I think there is a directs connection between the life we have and the life our brothers and sisters have, like it is the same one. The question is, do we honor life itself regardless of whom or what possess it, or do we honor our thoughts more?

  55. The question is, do we honor life itself regardless of whom or what possess it, or do we honor our thoughts more?
    Well, if your thought is to honor all life, then the question takes care of itself. I don't see a dichotomy here. Also, I can honor the life of a republican while recognizing that it is devoted to dishonoring mine, and so I don't have to be a starry-eyed fool about the whole thing. For me, more's the shame that they dishonor their own lives by their belief-based choices. So I feel pity for them. But not enough to like them.

  56. "the fundamental objection to the Outsider Test for Faith."

    Testing truth claims of differing faiths against each other cannot be done, according to Eric, if we imagine generalizing 'testing truth claims against anything at all', "..this gives us an outsider test for the outsider test.".

    Indeed Eric, we ought to be very skeptical about skepticism.

    Theist:- I think X is true

    Skeptic :- I think we should test if your objections to Y,Z,A,B and C, which are in the same category as X, hold for X too.

    Theist:- Foolisness! If we generalize that we should test stuff we believe in, then we should test your belief in the test itself!

    Skeptic:- Indeed we ought to be skeptical of skepticism!

    If the theist understands that his faith cannot stand up to the same criticism he levels at other faiths, he must neutralize the idea that criticism is valid. Criticize criticism itself!

    Of course Eric likes to take us on a longer, windier road than that.

    But it is his 'fundamental objection' that before we start telling theists to try criticizing their OWN beliefs as they'd criticize OTHER'S, we ought to be remembering to criticize criticism and be skeptical of skepticism.

    Whatever keeps you from thinking, I guess.

    "Is it a cracker, or is it Jesus?"

    How about lite crackers? "You won't believe it's not Jesus!"

  57. Ahh, the weekend lull.

    (Cricket cricket)

  58. Watching the case of Madalyn Murray O'Hair.

    Funny thing about her being the most hated woman in America though.


    Supposing I truly believed that Santa Claus was real and actually, magically tripped around the World and gave gifts to children on Xmas Eve.

    Would I have a right to HATE everyone who told me I was just a bit nutty? Would people HATE me for having this odd belief? Likely no.

    But why would people hate her for just not believing in a supernatural realm etc.??

    The only reason I can think of is that they know it's not true. They are making a pretense of it and the haters cannot stand it that someone would stand up and declare their declared beliefs bullshit.

    Weird how they are prone to believe other bullshit too. That a contraception pill needs to be used each time before sex, that a government health-care plan involves death-panels, that their President is a Muslim, a foreigner and a terrorist and so on.

    Seems to me that Christians hate atheists because atheists can't be trusted to believe their other 'thruths', ideological lies supporting their racism, misogyny, their own worth compared to people they fleece, and so on.

  59. It seems that most of the posters who responded to Eric's arguments against OTF have noticed (like PBoy and others here) that he relies upon obfuscation, redirection of intent, straw men, and any other ploy at his disposal to "muddy the waters" under the guise of intellectual/philosophical analysis. Way to go PBoy!!

  60. Harvey; now that you've mentioned it, don't forget the potentially forthcoming classical Eric ad hominem (e.g. "If you seriously think those other posters actually addressed my argument then you are not worth talking to, because, you see, I am very busy, did I mention how busy I am? **I'm very busy you know**")

  61. The thing I think Eric got wrong on that OTF post from the very beginning is the idea that the OTF is about testing truth claims at all, because his premise is that there IS at least one "true faith" (the one he follows, of course).

    He ignores the very real possibility that all faiths can be false, and that the OTF really isn't about truth claims; it's about reasons people believe one version of theism as opposed to another.

    If a Christian dismisses all other religions without so much as a thought ("because the Bible assures me that Jesus died for my sins John 3:16..."), then they're using a double standard when they don't dismiss Christianity the same way they do other faiths.

    You could apply a similar test to opinions about politics, economics, morality, etc., but so what? That doesn't negate the idea that most people do not give equal time to investigating the truth claims of ALL religions before deciding which one to follow.

    As Loftus (and many others) has said, "If you were born in Tehran, it's nigh on certain that you'd end up following Islam ("Allahu akhbar!")

  62. Seems to me that Christians hate atheists because atheists can't be trusted to believe their other 'truths', ideological lies supporting their racism, misogyny, their own worth compared to people they fleece, and so on...
    You said a mouthful. I agree. Sad, isn't it?

    Believers believe, thinkers think, but thinkers do not think that they believe, and yet believers believe that they think.

  63. If a Christian dismisses all other religions without so much as a thought ("because the Bible assures me that Jesus died for my sins John 3:16..."), then they're using a double standard when they don't dismiss Christianity the same way they do other faiths.
    Oh No! They use a double standard!!!

    (All of their standards are double)

  64. How is it that people like Eric seem to actually see their god as different from all the other gods? He's not, not in any way that makes a real difference.

  65. The big problem that I have with Eric's 'Fundamental Objection' is that he has to see that he's just cavilling.

    Using a grandiose name 'Fundamental Objection', is painting lipstick on a pig.

    I can only imagine MI, hurrahing Eric for triumphantly 'slaying' this evil atheist attempt to force believers to think.

    Eric's magical spell against the outsider test of faith.

    "Epistemology! (waves hand, dramatically, across field of vision)

    Categories of beliefs, categories of tests, categories of categories! (meow)(waves hand, dramatically, across field of vision)

    Now, ladies and gentlemen, since we can, so the defendant claims, since we can test the categories of faith, we must be able to test the categories of categories themsleves(but that's impossible!), AND, AND, therefore we can test the test! (hand flourish) VOILA!

    The endless iteration of testing the test and testing the category of tests looms! [the exact same 'infinity is IMPOSSIBLE' confusion technique as cosmological arguments use!"

    IOW "There must be a GOD because infinity is impossible!", exactly equals, "We cannot test our beliefs if we cannot test an infinity of testing!"

    (Eric takes a big bow)

    MI thinks, "That's right! Infinity is impossible, therefore GOD, AND, infinity IS impossible, therefore no infinite regress of silly testing!"

    It's no wonder they want to teach their rubbish to your kids!

  66. I believe (but do not know) that there is a moment of consciousness at death wherein you feel your "life-force" decreasing toward zero in a way that you can know that when it gets to zero, you're gone.

    Why do I believe this is possible? Well, salvia showed it to me. Pretty scary thing, to feel all your cells starting to well, die. I got about a second of it, and of course I mentally shied away from it and it went away. But I really think that when I do die, I will feel that again, and won't be able to shy away from it. You're not GOING anywhere, you're merely GOING OUT, like a candle.

    If that's true, then christians will have like a half-second at death where they'll know they've been wrong all their lives.
    A short time for so much regret. Too bad.

  67. Brian; depends on the death, no?

  68. To be clear, it wasn't merely that I felt all of me 'going out' but that I could sense that when it was done, there wouldn't be *any* of me left to go onward to anywhere else. What I was feeling, was my own utter dissolution. This was not what I wanted to feel, btw... I was hoping for more.
    Salvia tells me that all is consciousness, but it also sadly says that our particular patterns of consciousness, do die. For good.
    Or so it seemed to me at any rate.

  69. Brian; depends on the death, no?
    Dunno. I guess perhaps. If you get squished flat like a bug in a tenth of a second 9-11 style, maybe you don't have the time to sense the 'lessening' of yourself like I did in a calm setting.

  70. Not to over analyze Eric but what I see is a person of not insignificant intelligence who is constantly looking for logic arguments that support this intense feeling he has about the rightness of his faith (some would call this the holy spirit).

    Theologians long ago learned to exploit the intensity of biased perception and give it a fancy name. Because it feels so real, it must be true. No, not really.

    Looking for justification of pre-existing perceptions is just rationalization not truth seeking.

    It's a drug and as long as people are around to feed the habit, and it makes people feel better, then it's here to stay.

  71. I've had similar experience with self hypnosis, sex and athletics.

    But it really seems like it would be dependent upon the type of death, and that with that said, is it really your life force fading that you are feeling, or whatever is happen in the above activities (including salvia, which I don't think is your life force fading, it's more of just a letting go of your conscious self... let go Luke...).

  72. " He's not, not in any way that makes a real difference."


    God is ONE and the prophetic era ended with Malachi!

    Not only that but God is THREE in ONE and Jesus ended the prophetic era.

    Okay, okay, maybe some other gods aren't consistent with themselves as far as the FAITHFULLY REPORTED, HISTORICAL EYEWITNESS ACCOUNTS either, but do they have some guy writing a letter telling everyone that some other guy saw five hundred people seeing an event?

    Well, do they, punk?

    They have the wine, they have the crackers, they have the dead body coming to life.

    And Brian, at one time you were not alive, and therefore must have been dead, and therefore became alive, and there's perfume stuff waved around and guys in dresses!

    WTF do you guys WANT?

  73. which I don't think is your life force fading, it's more of just a letting go of your conscious self..
    Of course it could be something like that. But my consciousness was already way 'out there' in the sense that I was in trance. And what I felt, well, if I had to put it into words, was as if all of my 'cells' or 'parts' or whatever, suddenly had a little meter on them, and the 'needle' on all of them moved downward at once. It literally felt like a lessening of my 'life force.'

    But I realize that it's likely illusory.

    You know, a lot of what I sense with salvia corresponds to things mystics say that I never fully understood before. For instance, a random field of thought suddenly regards *itself* and consciousness is born... The regarding of itself, the feedback loop that IS consciousness, I've experienced it directly. I've seen it happen. I've felt it in my bones. So real. Realer than this life.
    Amazing substance. It's like powdered god.

  74. The weird thing about salvia is that it doesn't seem to obscure your consciousness. It doesn't 'feel' like that at all. It feels like it opens you up to reality.

    It feels like it removes the obscuring, like it is just revealing how things really are.

    I've talked to people that have done other hallucinogens, and they don't feel like that. Also, those who have both tried other hallucinogens like acid and mushrooms et al, and salvia, say that salvia stands out as very different in just that way... that it reveals rather than obscures. Or so it strongly feels.

  75. I've read online many people's experiences with it, and not a few of them 'warn' the people that haven't tried it yet, not to try it unless they want to see reality as it really is, and that that is a very scary thing indeed.

    All true.

  76. Okay, enough about my pet drug. Sorry. It's intense, and I have few people that I can talk about it with.

  77. You really ought to start a blog about it Brian.

    See if you can snag some other users to discuss it with you?

    Or is that something that would be lasting?

  78. I suppose I should. Don't get what you mean by 'lasting' in that context though...

  79. Can't we forgive Limbaugh for dissing 1/2 the population? He DOES explain that he was descending to the level of yet another 1/2 the population, after all, only 1/4 of whom are women.


  80. Hmm.. once you get through, the, "WOW, it's HEAVY! Isn't it?"

    What's left? (for some guys, i'm thinkin')

  81. Looks like the republicans have become addicted to self sabotage.

  82. Perhaps the sadistic treatment of the democratic party (Obama) by some of the republicans results in masochistic karma also known as self sabotage.

  83. Hmm.. once you get through, the, "WOW, it's HEAVY! Isn't it?"

    What's left? (for some guys, i'm thinkin')
    I've been using it nearly ever single day for over a year now. It never gets old. It always blows you away. And it's like (or maybe it is!) a visit to an alternative reality, in that, you can go there again and again and never stop learning about it. Plus you learn to 'navigate' it better and better. So at least for me, it never gets old. So I guess that would not be a problem as regards a blog about it.

  84. And it's versatile, in that I can use a small amount along with weed if I want the weed to be about fifty times stronger. The synergistic effect is pronounced. Like an A-Bomb.

    Or I can use more and trip out to alternate reality, leaving my body altogether behind me.

  85. Or I can use an intermediate amount and stay in my body but see it and the room around me as streaming sparkling thought particles instead of solid surfaces. I play around in this state a lot. Meditation in this state, well, it's like riding an express elevator to your unconscious mind. You 'go deep' without hardly trying. Things I've been trying to do while meditating for well, for most of my life, I accomplished in the first couple of months. I'm way beyond that stuff now.

  86. Y'ever try one-point meditation? Focusing the mind on one point, either visually or inside your head, to the exclusion of ALL other thought?

    On salvia, I can do that for ten minutes. No wavering. Nothing at all in my mind but the focus on one point. Easily. No sweat.

  87. I do some attempts at meditation but not really very successful, at least at one point. I do try and 10 minutes is a long time to me. Interesting experiences.

  88. Ten minutes with no thoughts in your head at all, no motion, no eye movement... that's an eternity.

    The very most that I could do before was like, one minute. Even that was really difficult. For me, not thinking is especially hard since my mind tends to over-think things in general and go all over the place at once. Which is why I use weed in the first place. Calms me down a lot. Add in the salvia and I'm like an ice-sculpture.

    Another interesting effect that I've noticed. You don't seem to need to breathe on salvia. I mean. of course you do, but if you hold your breath, you do not feel the effects of anoxia as per usual. You just don't feel the need to breathe. I really think I could just pass out on it, and not even feel the need to take a breath. I breathe because I know that I need to, not because I feel said need. Strange, huh?

  89. Brian,

    Ever tried LSD, mescaline or psilocybin?

    If you have, how do you compare them (subjective opinions)?

  90. (I ask because I've tried all three, but not salvia.)

  91. I have not, Ed.

    Instead, I have spoken with four or five people that have.

    They all say the same thing. The other ones, are similar to each other in some ways. Salvia however, is nothing like the others. Completely and utterly different. Oh, and WAY stronger than any of them. LSD is listed as stronger by dosage, but the effects are not as disorienting. With the others, you experience effects *while in your body and seeing your environment,* albeit altered by hallucinations. On salvia, you do not remain in your body. You're immediately in another dimension, don't even know which way is up, can't see anything in the room... the room is gone. There's no similarity, at least, that's what they've told me. No watching a bird go by and seeing the white flashes from the underside of the wings suspended in air after the bird leaves.... you can't see anything in the real world, so no birds etc. Then you snap out of it in ten minutes... very short duration time....

  92. Salvia Divinorum, btw, is the world's most powerful naturally occurring hallucinogen. Only synthetics have effects at lower doses. However, salvia feels a lot stronger (I'm told) because it's an immersive experience. You totally leave your body, or at least, lose track of it.

    It's so strong, I have to use a tweezer to not overdose myself. Which would only send me on a more intense trip, btw. No toxic effects. Nobody's ever died on it.

  93. Oh, and INVARIABLY, new users (and repeat ones too) get the very strong impression that, while in that totally alien dimension or world, that they've been there before. I would even call it a strong sense of nostalgia. Weird, huh?

    The first time I tripped, I remember being like half-embedded in a wall of *something,* perhaps a wall of thought, trapped there, and thinking "my parents will be here to get me soon..." but not my parents that I knew... some other parents... from earlier... ??? I felt like a little child.

  94. Which reminds me... it's a full-sensory experience, not just visual. For instance, when you pass through these 'walls' as you 'go deeper' or whatever, an experience that 'feels' like you're passing from one universe into another, you feel your whole body being permeated by the boundary as you pass through it, much like if you were made of water and you just seeped through a permeable membrane, but are still whole on the other side of it. You feel it inside of you. Sometimes you even can feel your body merge with the surroundings in the room..... a physical sensation of flesh fusing and growing into 'inanimate' objects. You may even have the fortune to get to feel your body be obliterated, torn apart if you will, with no pain, but you feel it happening. It's not only realistic, but, as I've said before, it's literally (no exaggeration here) more realistic than your real life is. When you 'get back' you feel that you're back in the dream, not that you're back to reality. Reality is salvia reality, not this one, or that's how it most definitively feels.

  95. On one of the trips I remember seeing many, many versions of reality, different 'universes' that I could see going by me like the pages of a book being flipped. My choice was to return to one of those, but no guarantee that it would be precisely the same one that I left. So who's to say that I didn't just go back to one where the differences are so slight that I can't tell?

  96. The first time I did it, it was a bit violent with me. It scared the shit out of me, more precisely.

    I took the hit, one hit... held it.. held it... then let it out... I had time to say 'oh god' out loud, and then my far wall with the dresser and mirror, well it for some reason rushed me at about eighty miles an hour, slamming into me and obliterating my physical body... or maybe I merged with it... then I was spinning with no gravity in an infinite 'room' or void, filled with intense, flowing colors forming patterns all around me... and even 'through' me... my body was not there... Then I felt like I was bent over backwards and suspended, couldn't move... and still the colors... extending to infinity, and I do mean infinity...

    My very first thought, just the instant before it hit, when I felt all tingly, was 'SHIT, I'M HAVING A STROKE!'

    You can judge my level of curiosity about my mind and the universe, by the fact that I went back for a second trip a half hour later. Equally violent, btw. But even that didn't deter me... I respolved to experiment with lesser dosages, and 'voila!' So here I am today.

  97. Sometimes I can sense the 'inanimate' objects in the room, the bedframe, chairs, and such, as made up of aggregates of little tiny beings, all very concerned with working very hard all the time. I can hear them... and see them, but only as tiny sparkling spots all together in orderly groups and layers.

    How's that for wild?

  98. Plus, hyperkinesthesia!

    I love that shit.

    I love being able to feel which part of my brain 'squirms' when I move my left pinky finger, and compare and contrast it to the other, not even necessarily nearby part of my brain that 'squirms' when I move the second finger of the same hand. And so forth. If my wife puts her hand on my arm, I can very nearly tell her her pulse rate.... from a spot on my arm, not from a sensitive part like my fingers... I can go outside and hear the voices of people talking in houses that I go by. My own clothing is uncomfortable because it all feels like scratchy wool, so sensitive is my skin... This extends to all sensations. Fucking wild!

    Pboy, how could I ever get bored with *that?*

  99. (Now imagine having sexual relations while in hyperkinesthesia mode)

    YOU CAN'T!

    Nobody can, unless they've experienced it. Too amazing for words. I didn't think that the human mind could handle such intensity, but hey, no sweat apparently.

  100. Or I can think of a song, and go to the place in my brain where that song is stored and *is constantly being played over and over* and is *constantly being listened to by a tiny part of my consciousness,* and just listen to it like on a radio.

  101. Oh, and accessing early memories! Unreal!

    I'll stop now... lol.....

    I imagine this gets boring fast.

  102. Limbaugh, "I'm forced to seem like a bully here. It was the same in school, all those wimps jingling their lunch money and crying the masochist's, "Noooo!", which we ALL know means, "Yesss!", HELL, I'm the victim here. Those bastards laid out the bait like cheese on a mouse-trap, I didn't even see it coming! I have to warn all the other overbearing, ridiculously over the top, yea, "You might think you're toying with them sinking your claws into non-lethal spots, delighting in the obvious pain and the horrifying screa.. oh, where was I, think I came.. oh yea, BEWARE fellow bullies, those jack-booted femi-nazis are out for your innocent blood!"

    Limbaugh's apology, 'cos he sincerely doesn't want to lose his job.

  103. How does the christian right see 'if you're gonna have us pay for your contraception, you have to at least post the films for us to watch...'???

    Apparently, they haven't noticed it yet.

    Oh right, it's one of theirs, so no harm, no foul?

    I guess when you have no real morality to speak of, that's not a surprise, really.

  104. Well, at least this is the worst trouble that Rush has ever been in. Maybe it'll take him down a notch. Or preferably take him down, period.

  105. This comment has been removed by the author.

  106. Apparently Miley Cyrus (of all people!) tweeted "Forget Jesus, we're made of star-stuff!"

    People are calling for her hide on a drying rack.

    I really like her... if not for her, I'd never have known about Salvia. Cool kid, apparently.

    Cute, too. Hanna Mountamana.

  107. Oh, and pardon me, but WHEN did any democrat say something comparable to this Rush idiocy? Even when insulting Palin, not this specific and bad. Plus, this Sandra Fluke was just a college student, not even a public figure. Is it me, or are they all full of shit saying that our side has done worse.... WHEN? Nobody's ever done worse than this!

  108. To me the really bad part wasn't the 'slut' or the 'prostitute' bad as they were... it was Dirty Old Fat Man Rush asking her to 'POST THE VIDEOS FOR US TO WATCH!'
    Oh, ICK!

  109. Bad news Brian. A documentary I'm watching about designer drugs showed a list of substances they're looking at.

    Salvia was on that list.

  110. I know. They've been thinking of regulating it for a while now. I hear one mother started the whole thing when her son killed himself after taking it. But he took other things too.

    Hope it doesn't happen. But if it does, I'll be growing it meself.

  111. Damned republicans always looking for new places to regulate our lives. I wish they'd mind their own fucking business.

  112. If I even hear it's going to happen, I'm stocking up big time.

  113. It's the immaturity factor. It's been used for years and years by mostly responsible adults looking for new inner experiences, with no problems. But now the kids are discovering it, and they're not mature enough to treat it with the respect it deserves.

  114. Shit. RI's got a bill waiting in the wings that would make it illegal. Sponsored by a democrat. Fuck. Goddamn people looking to win points politically.

    It's not in the same category as the 'bath salts' that can just kill you dead, dammit. It's nontoxic.

  115. Ste B, based on the neuroplastcity, I'd be surprised if salvia is as benign as it's suggested. Our best knowledge of neuro-chemistry and anatomy (some of the processes of which I've summarized in posts) demonstrates that repeated exposure to chemical and experiential stimuli results in neuroplastic changes - ie, lower stimulus thresholds to repeat stimuli, and anatomic changes to the brain (pruning and new dendritic connections).

    Many of the plastic changes that drugs induce are not normally open pathways or if open, are not as sensitive as they are post medication.

    Part of the appeal of hallucinogenics is the fact that they disrupt or disconnect normal pathways. It's why users have such profound fugue experiences. Permanently altering those pathways may not be a good thing.

    Sorry, but I have to do the doctor thing from time to time.

  116. Yes Brian, the Jungian Wastes are not to be travelled lightly!

    (sorry, couldn't help myself)

  117. Point taken, Pliny. Thank you. I'd already thought of that, believe it or not. I guess I'm taking the risk in spite of said dangers. I guess we'll see what happens.

    I recognize one cannot truly understand the potential damage until one is no longer on the substance. Thus me saying that so far all such changes have been very positive has no real bearing on the potential realization of the veracity of your conjecture as re salvia and my exposure.

  118. Miley Cyrus... judge her!

    This young harlot has fallen by the wayside into a ditch of depravity. It is a metaphorical precursor to the perdition which surely awaits.

    I pray Jeebus turn her away from the use of her frontal lobes. They are but cerebral labia used for pleasing the devil's thoughts. Suspicion! Skepticism! Is his ejaculate... Apostasy his only child!

    Oh Jeebus, close her mind, close her legs, close her mouth... help her to be a good Christian woman!

  119. One of the big problems on deciding if a drug is safe is the falsehoods put out by almost all authorities in our country. Cannot trust the government, medical community, or any other group. I doubt if we as a country would have had such a problem with illegal drugs if we had received factual information on all drugs available. We have several drugs that are unsafe that have been cleared by the gov and medical group. Its as though many in power positions do not give a dam.

  120. When the federal judge. John Sutton, sentenced two border guards to prison for shooting a drug runner in the ass, and give the drug runner official clearance to continue to run drugs it became obvious that corruption in drugs had reached the federal level.

  121. ERIC, this is for you. Click on my name.

  122. Oh come on, there MUST be someone curious???


    Oh well.

  123. Marijuana' Diet Pill May Be Possible, Endocannabinoid Study Suggests

  124. Are we humans tuned into a certain frequency? Is there anything like this in the BB idea? We are marching to different drummers or is that different frequencies?

  125. Just some catholic drivel, as per usual. More paranoia.

  126. Jerry, people do not understand the true nature of belief.

    That is the problem.

    A belief creates your own world, where you are right and the rest of the world wrong, and if you hold it dear enough, this becomes permanent. So there's your 'other wavelength' for you. They've actually tuned into another wavelength *than the one for reality.* There's only one for reality. The real one. But one can create different ones in one's head. And they seem to work as well, for the person so deluded.
    Beliefs, faith... are very dangerous things that people should beware of.
    What is schizophrenia other than a strongly held belief? Nothing. A belief can be like a virus, destroying all sensible parts of the mind in very little time at all. Beliefs are mental plutonium, and people don't even give them a second thought.
    You don't really 'have' a belief, you know. It has you.

  127. Science notices chemical and structural differences in the brains of schizophrenics, but the question really is (and perhaps Pliny might agree?) do the chemical and structural changes cause the schizophrenia, or does the schizophrenia cause the chemical and structural changes?
    I vote 'B.'

  128. I should say, 'I vote "B" in many cases, because some cases are provably genetically transmitted.

  129. ERIC, this is for you. Click on my name.
    I was actually momentarily afraid to click on the link...

    Digital cooties.

  130. Just MI demanding respect from your readers/commenters, respect for what she feels are her 'rights'. She thinks she has the right to comment publicly on this blog and yet somehow it's her prerogative if she feels like it to privatize what she says by declaring it private!

    It's so childish, like a kid calling 'shotgun' when everyone is heading for the car, somehow there has been implicitly 'declared' that there can be a private conversation, 'just between us Catholics, no atheists allowed', on your blog.

    Speaks to the idea that there are many people who have physically gone through puberty, who have accumulated the years to be counted as part of the adult population, yet they are stuck mentally, stuck in a kindergarten mentality where they claim ownership and get to say who they're sharing with, even in the most inappropriate circumstances.

  131. I think you and I are in about the same place with belief. It was something else I was thinking of, perhaps this article will make it clearer.

    Russian DNA Discoveries explain human Paranormal events

  132. Sarah Palin sees hypocrisy?

    Really? Oh come on, her rhetoric is generally based entirely on her hypocrisy!

    Someone must write her stuff for her. Either that or she sees hypocrisy as a tool to be used by the right for their benefit and used by the right to shame the left.

    Basically they feel that it's okay for themselves to be hypocritical, just not anyone left of themselves.

    She doesn't seem willing to touch on what it was that was wrong with what Limbaugh was saying though. Does she imagine that Ms. Fluke testified that Ms. Fluke was a huge slut in college, that the more sex one has the more pills one needs?

    Perhaps she imagines that some mean, radical lefty blogger calling her(Palin) a big stupid cunt is in the same boat as Limbaugh?

    What do you think MI, you big stupid cunt?

  133. Palin screwed some black basketball star in Alaska during her newslady days. Or so I've read. Seemed a fairly credible source if I recall.

  134. Ah, here it is:

  135. "20th-century American social critic and humorist H. L. Mencken, defined a demagogue as "one who will preach doctrines he knows to be untrue to men he knows to be idiots.""

    Limbaugh's photo should be next to that definition.

    Here's a generalization of his style.

    "The left are trying to say that there is a war against blue bees. WHAT? How ridiculous! There's no war on blue bees, never has been, never will be! The left are ludicrous!"

    You can change 'blue bees' to anything at all, it doesn't matter, the idiots that he is talking to don't care if anyone at all is talking about his subject.

    Sarah Palin is just joining in burning down this straw man with her nameless 'radical leftists' who are oh, so, hypocritical, entirely in her mind and the minds of her idiot listeners.

  136. Brian did you check out the article I posted about the Russian DNA thing? (It is an article not utube) I would think this would interest you very much. Maybe not.

  137. Looking back on discussion with Eric, well, thinking back, I'm not hunting through this maze of comments blocked off after 200 comments, it strikes me as odd that his words mean something to me and something, sometimes totally different, to him.

    Seems to me that since he studies philosophy, which is of course interconnected with the meanings of words, he'd be well armed to argue using two or perhaps more meanings of the words we're likely to use, given the subject matter.

    Even 'funnier'(not hahaha funny at all) would be that the subject matter itself, religion, would have it's own different meanings to words, adding it's own confusion.

    The word I was thinking about was 'freedom' and how Eric imagines something totally different than us when he uses it.

    The religious word was 'tradition', which seems to include divine inspiration when a theologian uses that.

    Here Eric is miffed when I complain that he uses word-magic, yet a fair bit of the time anti-atheist arguments depend on or are entirely concerned with differences in meaning of perhaps just a word or two.

  138. I really have a problem with pathological liars. So I have a really hard time tolerating Eric. He thinks he's smart. But he's just another filthy rotten liar for god, like so many christians are. Zero integrity, zero honesty, zero honor. A wordy piece of shit.
    I wish people like him got what was coming to them, some sort of comeuppance. But it never happens, does it? They always get away with it.

  139. Apologists are scum of the earth. But they can always fool their 'base,' because those people have had their critical thinking ability excised right out of their brains.
    Eric, Prince of Morons. Huzzah!

  140. Floyd, do you think that eric believes his own BS? I mean, does he even know he's lying when he uses philosophical ass-smoke as he does? His convoluted arguments are invalid, but not easily proven so, so perhaps they fool him? I mean, if you have that grain of gullibility as he admits to having, then it's possible that he's lying but not even realizing it, isn't it? Personally I don't think he is unaware of it, but it's possible. What do you think?

  141. I remember the first time I really engaged him seriously. I spent that night convinced that he was just misunderstanding my point. I could see so clearly that he was mistaken, but for some reason not able to see my argument. I kept explaining my side in different terms, but he never even acknowledged it, he just kept typing, or perhaps copy/pasting, reams of WORDS, none of them disproving my point, but he acted as if they did... it was like I was talking to a very intelligent retard. I was so frustrated by the end of it I wanted to smack him. But now, I get it. He's not interested in valid arguments, not interested in TRUTH.

    Here's what arguing with eric is like:

    Me: Eric, here's why you're wrong: "X"

    Eric: No Brian, "X" is not valid because of (insert four hundred words here, all difficult for the non-philosopher to parse)

    Me: (After slogging through the four hundred words and eventually realizing that while elegant-soiunding, they not only didn't disprove my point but didn't even adequately address it) No, it's really "X," can't you just see that? Your points were not any proof of it not being "X" at all!

    Eric: (Three hundred more words that SEEM to disprove my point, three hundred more to slog through.... and at the end, they still mean nothing, still do not disprove that it's really "X"...

    And so on... you can never win if he keeps moving the finish line, even when you're dead-on right. He holds up his bright red cape, but always pulls it away at the last second.

    He makes lying into a dance. The waltz of dishonesty.

  142. Brian, Eric is still on the tit. Did you read the article that I posted or did you find it uninteresting? I would really like your feed back on it

  143. Guess the kindest thing we can say about them is that they hope it's true.

    Human beings like hope. I suppose it's enough to imagine that you're selling hope to the ignorant masses.

    I learned some stuff from Eric, which at least makes him useful to me. On the other hand I'm sure that Eric doesn't imagine he learned much at all from us, but I could be wrong.

    Eric, is at least better than Man_Of_Mettle, who insisted that we ought to believe the 'Good Book' by reading it in some sort of 'believing way'.

    Or that idiot who imagined that when someone's eye surgery doesn't go completely as planned, when it resolves itself, when the eye healed itself, it's a bloody miracle!

    Eric, helps me understand 'them', what makes them tick, and I'm not trying to sound all superior, since 'they' are us.

    We're not going to be changing too many peoples' minds Brian, but even to try, it helps to know what it is you're trying to change, right?

  144. I just looked at it now, Jerry.

    To me it sounds like the 'researchers' are a lot like religious people. They have that 'grain of faith' that they're right.

    To me it looks like a misinterpretation of the data, with a lot of fiction added in, but I'm not a scientist so what do I know?

    It definitely does NOT have the 'ring' of a scholarly article that was carefully researches and peer-reviewed. It looks like hopeful speculation based in a few scientific facts. Reminds me of those articles that christians write that 'disprove' evolution. Same tenor.

  145. Agreed.

    I've learned a lot from his as well... unfortunately all of what I've learned causes me to despair for our species.

  146. For instance Jerry, this paragraph:

    "The Russian scientists also found out that our DNA can cause disturbing patterns in a vacuum, thus producing magnetized wormholes! Wormholes are the microscopic equivalents of the so-called Einstein-Rosen bridges in the vicinity of black holes (left by burned-out stars)."

    If I'm not mistaken, we've never, ever, ever, EVER seen any evidence for any wormhole. They're theoretical. So this is bullshit on the face of it.

    If any scientist had proof of the discovery of a real wormhole, it would make international news. We'd see it on cable news, like they're talking about the Higgs boson now. It would be huge.

  147. Appreciate your feed back. The part that interests me is the transfer of information using frequencies. It explains a lot of unanswered questions for me. If we can communicate directly with DNA using frequencies the possibilities are mind boggling. I can see that explain how part of evolution works, a part I have long wonder about. I feel quite excited about the possibilities even if it is just partially correct. It would explain at least much of the problem of communication that is so promanent, and trouble causing amongst people.

  148. The part that interests me is the transfer of information using frequencies.
    Frequencies of what exactly? Radio waves? Light? What?

    Jerry, I really think that all the miscommunication in the world is due to two things, which are really one. The two things are ego (pride) and ignorance, and they boil down to BELIEF. Belief is the cause of all the evil in the world. Think about it.

  149. A normal man goes through life and lives it, and learns to discard the 'childish thing' that is blind belief *in anything.*

    A person in a religion is different. The religion stops that learning process in its tracks, and preserves the ego of the child, the sheer Id, for all their life. They never grow up, not really.

    It can surely happen without any religion too, but it's a lot easier with one.

    Blind belief is almost synonymous with 'evil.' It invariably leads to it.

  150. The word 'faith' is a very evil word, in that it paints blind belief as something desirable and good, when the opposite is the truth. That word is a 'genius' level lie. It fools almost everyone.


  151. Back in my molecular biology days many of us lamented the fact that the term ‘genetic code’ had ever been coined. It was a huge mistake and frankly is at the heart of a lot of the misconceptions people have about biology and evolution.

    It is more accurate to think of DNA, an organism’s genome, as a set of characteristics rather than a set of instructions or information.

  152. Think about it.

    What argument would sway a fundamentalist in any religion, that they are mistaken?

    What 'frequency' works for that, Jerry?

    None available to us on this planet, that's for sure. All available frequencies have been tried.

  153. I quite frankly have serious doubts that even Jesus Christ could convince a fundie that they're wrong. Even if he showed up and performed a miracle, and then told them that the real message is love and tolerance and not just believing in Jesus so you get saved, they would think he was THE DEVIL. After all, the devil can do magic too...

    There's no reaching them, no, not ever.

  154. Were any of you libertarians actually surprised to find out Ron Paul's religious perspective?

    Seems to me that he's been a real dark horse when it comes to that area!

    He, much like S.E.Cupp, likely feels that it would be some kind of storm in a tea cup where the Christians themselves whip up the storm, cry and wail about it, then they get to say some dumb thing like, "Why is the media spending so much time on it?"

    S.E.Cupp is pro-life and likely supports anything that goes along with that agenda and wonders what all the fuss is if a governor want to punish girls for wanting an abortion.

    "What's the big deal? We all want to stop abortion and contraception, don't we?"

    Note to S.E.Cupp. It doesn't work like that, you twat.

  155. Back in my molecular biology days many of us lamented the fact that the term ‘genetic code’ had ever been coined. It was a huge mistake and frankly is at the heart of a lot of the misconceptions people have about biology and evolution.
    Ah, it doesn't really matter, they'd misunderstand it willfully even if it were a different word. Like 'theory' for instance. That's what christians do; parse words to try to make it seem that they're right. Sure, that's lying, but they don't have any morality to speak of so not a problem.

  156. I like Edward Current's take on 'design'.

    "Aren't mosquitos wonderfully designed to inject the bug which causes malaria!!?"

    "Oh, guess we'll blame evolution for that one."


  157. Brian, I hade an extended phone call or I would have been with you. I have to go for a while but would like to return answer your post a little later. Apologize for the delay.

  158. Brian, a few years ago you were going through mental gyrations about the pregnancy and the results. This idea is the way that information was conveyed from your mind to the DNA concerning your child which probably concerned your wife, and son. We are, in my opinion, communicating using frequencies that the conscious mind cannot perceive.

  159. I'm late to the discussion...

    Bu t, wouldn't contraception actually be cheaper for insurance companies than pregnancies?

    Pliny? Harvey?

  160. "A person in a religion is different. The religion stops that learning process in its tracks, and preserves the ego of the child, the sheer Id, for all their life. They never grow up, not really."

    Most folks never advance mentally/emotionally beyond where they were at a calendar age of about 13 years old. It is to be expected that they would be gullible, and susceptible to being manipulated by religions.

    ...and the ones that know this and advance mentally to a mature adulthood know this and take advantage of it, if they can.

  161. Ed:

    When dealing with insurnace companies, it is wiae to suspend our usual criteria for what "makes sense" (much like our fundy friends).
    Although it seems logical that providing access to contraceptives would lessen eventual health care expenses (without forcing anyone to take advantage of such access), one must remember that insurance companies do not bear the brunt of the cost of most abortions, let alone the eventual increased healthcare costs pertaining to those children that may result. Most of them fall upon the government (us taxpayers) or charities. In any event, it does not appear that insurance companies actually object to including contraceptive access to the healthcare benefits we may obtain from our employers as part of our recompense for working for them, inasmuch as they will be able to simply charge more for those benefits.

  162. Pliny,

    "It is more accurate to think of DNA, an organism’s genome, as a set of characteristics rather than a set of instructions or information."

    What then is the direct cause of the expression of these characteristics?

  163. Harry,

    DNA is a substrate, along with proteins, lipids, amino acids, RNA, etc. in a complex series of biochemical processes that result in a reliable sequence of reactions that generate a baseline set of biological compounds. These compounds interact in progressively more complex layers resulting in the collection of processes that define a particular organism.

    In many ways, DNA is a catalyst for many of these reactions.

  164. I was puzzled to learn that there are taxes put on medical equipment/supplies.

    What is the reasoning behind this, if not an unfair burden on the poor.

    Presumably the rich aren't too bothered by a tax put on a wheelchair, for example, but it would certainly affect the choices that a pensioner makes and would contribute generally to the overall cost of health-care.

    Seems weird to me to have a legislator show a graph about how much health-care is 'costing', if, say, 15-20%(for an example guess) of that is money going in a vicious circle, straight back to govt. coffers.

  165. This idea is the way that information was conveyed from your mind to the DNA concerning your child which probably concerned your wife, and son.

    There's no rational explanation. No Russian scientist is going to discover science that backs this up.

    If there is an explanation, it's not about frequencies. If I really did what it appears that I did and heavily influence the whole process of my son's birth, it is because I achieved gnosis.

    Gnosis is defined (my definition, there are many) as a state of mind wherein you shut down the conscious mind except for your one desire and then penetrate that desire to the very lowest depth of your unconscious mind, which in this kind of thinking, is linked to the rest of the universe. Intimately linked.

    So there's your 'frequency.' Gnosis.

  166. Or perhaps the frequency is 'Kenneth...'

  167. From Wiki page on chaos magic, which if one had to pick one, would be closest to what I do:

    "The gnostic state is achieved when a person's mind is focused on only one point, thought, or goal and all other thoughts are thrust out. Practitioners of chaos magic each develop their own ways of reaching this state. All such methods hinge on the belief that a simple thought or direction experienced during the gnostic state and then forgotten quickly afterwards bypasses the "psychic censor" (faculties averse to the magical manipulation of reality) and is sent to the subconscious, rather than the conscious mind, where it can be enacted through means unknown to the conscious mind. Three main types of gnosis are described:[2]

    Inhibitory gnosis is a form of deep meditation into a trance state of mind. This type of gnosis uses slow and regular breathing techniques, absent thought processes, progressive muscular relaxation, self-induction and self-hypnosis techniques. Means employed may also include fasting, sleeplessness, sensory deprivation and hypnotic or trance inducing drugs.
    Excitatory gnosis describes a mindlessness reached through intense arousal. It is aimed to be reached through sexual excitation, intense emotions, flagellation, dance, drumming, chanting, sensory overload, hyperventilation and the use of disinhibitory or hallucinogenic drugs.
    Indifferent vacuity was described by Phil Hine and Jan Fries as a third method. Here the intended spell is cast parenthetically, so it does not raise much thought to suppress.[6]

    According to this belief, specific rituals, meditations and other elements of more traditional forms of magic are not to be understood as valuable by themselves, but only as gnosis-inducing techniques."

  168. See Jerry, if what I did to manifest my son had no bearing on the results, in other words, if it was all a huge coincidence, than we can talk about DNA and so forth, because it means that this universe is not like the Universe of Thought that I used to call the Big Brain. (I don't like that title now)
    It means that I'm wrong, and this place is as science describes it.


    If I did have influence, it *is only because this place is NOT as science describes,* so why are we searching for DNA reasons and frequencies and so forth? If I did manifest my son, then this universe is not as it appears to science at all. So things like DNA are just the illusions that we necessarily had to create for ourselves in order for the illusion of 'it all making logical sense' to be in place. We want everything to follow rules and make sense, but if it's all mind, then we've literally constructed it all for our own amusement. Or rather, so we don't go insane.

  169. If I understand you right you reach a state of gnosis which is a state you are in, now how do you think that is transferred to another person? I am saying it is probably done thur frequencies. It sounds like the state of gnosis is strictly what you are experiencing but how is the info transferred? There is many and much more reasons why I think this is probably a good lead concerning communication. For instance there are some real unexplained (to me anyway) problems with evolution that this could easily explain

  170. I was not thinking of you manifesting you son, just have some influence on it.
    the only reason I used this example is, it is something you can relate to. I cannot say you had influence one way or another, but when you posted what you said about it, coincidence while being probable might not cover the whole situation.

  171. It sounds like the state of gnosis is strictly what you are experiencing but how is the info transferred?
    In the case of this being real, my answer is: We're all connected in this mind. Period. Simple as that. We're all 'one.' We all feel inside the sense of "I AM." However, if we're all one, then quite literally, there is only ONE sense of "I AM" in this whole universe, and we all SHARE it and think it unique to us as individuals. We're all connected at the "I AM" level.

  172. Yes I understand we are one, but that is not saying anything about the info transfer between people at an unconscious level. Sure its mind to mind, but how?

  173. The most basic form of consciousness is just the basic sense of identity, the sense of "I AM."

    So if everything is made up of consciousness, everything is made up of this "I AM" sense. All things would feel this sense of "I AM" (because they're made of it!) but highly organized living beings would feel much more of that, a concentration of it if you will due to the level of organization.

    If all is god/universe and all is one, then we're all a part of the whole, all a facet of 'THE ONE.' Thinking this and believing it, are two different things, though. Most people might say the words "we're all one" but not get the implications of that. I AM and YOU ARE but we're sharing in the sense of identity. At that level, we're really one, really connected. More than connected, *identical.*

  174. Jerry, what I'm saying here is, that if I can manage to communicate with my very deepest unconscious mind, I'm communicating with my sense of "I AM."

    Which is your sense of "I AM" too.

    So I'd be talking to you. Or to anyone else that I direct my thoughts to. At my most basic level, I AM YOU.

  175. I understand I AM but that has nothing to do with what I am talking about, at least on this particular subject. Let us say we are using reason and logic. If we as beings are curious about things, as well as wanting mental stimulation, using logic and reason we would seek out others that think quite different than ourselves for entertainment and info reasons. But that is not what we seek, we want to be mainly around people that we agree with, or maybe those using same or similar frequencies.

  176. We were talking earlier about how possibly this universe 'trends toward life,' as in, all the chemicals and energy and whatever, seems to naturally organize toward living things, given the right conditions.

    If it's all consciousness, is it any wonder that it tries to organize into higher, more complex organizations of said consciousness? After all, "I AM" also implies the will to live. So if everything 'feels' this 'will to live,' then perhaps....

  177. . But that is not what we seek, we want to be mainly around people that we agree with, or maybe those using same or similar frequencies.
    We had to develop egos. But they are often a hindrance. We seek out those who agree with us because this allows us to agree with ourselves, which is satisfying. But that's all ego. What I'm talking about is at a much deeper level, not available to our waking consciousness, at least not normally.

  178. In fact, the whole point of 'defeating your ego' is to be able to open yourself to different viewpoints that you wouldn't normally embrace.

    Personal growth, I believe it's called. Or perhaps even a form of 'enlightenment.'

    I'm not there yet, obviously, but at least I do try.

  179. Years ago I was privileged to share time with others in a group setting where people were doing gestalt. I spent many hours in this setting, and watching others express deeply held feelings, most of which were coming out of their unconscious. I found myself able to pickup on what they were dealing with 100% of the time. I had a hard time accepting the unfailing accuracy that I was able to have. Frequencies transfer would explain what happened. While pboy and Botts did not have any success on trying to transfer thoughts on the cards, there have been many cases where the accuracy is way beyond mathematical probably. In the case of pboy and Botts the problem they may have encountered is they are using quite different frequencies. Are you familiar with shakra idea?

  180. Also Jerry, emotion is (obviously) more 'basic' than is logic and reason. (Back to my duality arguments...)

    So if emotion is more basic, it works out this way:

    We 'feel' emotions, but we 'think' logic and reason.

    A feeling is more basic, and thus more powerful and moving to us, than is a thought, UNLESS WE'RE TRAINED to understand the importance of logic and reason. Unless we actually develop EMOTIONS that drive us not away from, but toward, logic and reason, we won't WANNA go there at all! We're perfectly comfortable without them, in our ignorance.

  181. Are you familiar with shakra idea?
    Yes, but they're arbitrary. For instance, kaballah and the tree of life is often used by occultists instead of the eastern system of chakras. However, the 'centers' are different! But they work just as well, because hey, ALL IS MIND.

    On salvia I've directly beheld my own 'energy centers' which GEE, correspond with major nerve nexuses in my body, big surprise.

    See, in the occult, it doesn't matter if you're right or not about these things, as long as they work for you. All such tools are there not because they're objectively real in any way, but because we humans need to ORGANIZE things into categories and groups and so forth, but THE ONE isn't categorizable at all. But in order to even catch a glimmer of it, we must use these tools. That's how we think, dualistically.

  182. I understand where you are at with the ego, and I consider this war with the ego the biggest mistake man makes. The ego is not our enemy but a very important part of us that religion has the war with. Using the myth, the fall of man. Any one who has problems with their ego has not been able to align it with the spirit, and the info we have today does not show, for the most part, how to do this, it is understandable why aligning them is not used by many.

  183. You mistake my meaning. I do not wish to get rid of my ego entirely. I wouldn't even retain my individuality if I accomplished that.

    The war against the ego, is to make the ego understand that it's not as important as it thinks it is.

    We need to train our egos to allow information that they do not like into our minds anyhow. So we much learn to focus that ego not so much on ourselves, but on other things and other people.

    Other-love versus self-love.

    The ego will still be there. It just will then 'know it's place.'

  184. I consider this war with the ego the biggest mistake man makes
    Really? How in the world do you see that?

    The biggest mistake that man makes, is BELIEF.

    And belief happens because the ego is unchecked.

  185. In psychological terms, what I'm meaning when I say 'ego' is really 'id.'

    The child-mind. Self-centered.

    I use 'ego' in the sense of the English word 'egotism.' Which is really the id.

  186. There have been at least thousands of case where info was transferred from one person to another regardless of the distance involved. There has to able some way of transferring this info, and I have not ever heard of a better idea than it being transferred by frequencies. It makes sense that as a person grows in knowledge, and spiritual growth the frequency they use would change. That could cause a communication problem, and be an explanation of some of the failed communication we have today. When we meet someone new, and though his words are right on we get a feeling that something is very wrong, maybe it is his unconscious emitting the truth about his intent that we get on an unconscious frequency, that is then transfer to our conscious mind using what we refer to a intuition.

  187. Jerry, I'm going to propose something to you.

    If you believe that it's possible for the human brain to transmit 'frequencies' and so communicate in a psychic manner with another person, then you believe in the Big Brain.

    Science maintains that the brain is not capable of transmitting anything to another person. And there seems to be no scientific way in which this is possible. It would VIOLATE science completely. In a scientific world of 'dead' matter and energy, such is not possible.

    Such would only BE possible, if the world was not material, but informational in nature, and so subtle that scientists cannot see it.

    So, I guess, welcome to my world!

  188. Really? How in the world do you see that?

    The biggest mistake that man makes, is BELIEF.

    And belief happens because the ego is unchecked.

    The ego wants to be fulfilled. What is wrong with that? Plenty if the ego is in charge, but I have found the ego does not care where this fulfillment comes from as long as it comes. Put the spirit in charge, and the ego is very well satisfied with the fulfillment that comes automatically from following the spirit. The ego will never be fulfilled satisfactory (other than short periods if time) any other way I have found.

  189. Science maintains that the brain is not capable of transmitting anything to another person. And there seems to be no scientific way in which this is possible. It would VIOLATE science completely. In a scientific world of 'dead' matter and energy, such is not possible.

    Come on man, you surly know this is bs.

  190. When we meet someone new, and though his words are right on we get a feeling that something is very wrong, maybe it is his unconscious emitting the truth about his intent that we get on an unconscious frequency, that is then transfer to our conscious mind using what we refer to a intuition.
    I've dealt with this before. Intuition is training your emotions to spot patterns that our one-directional conscious mind cannot spot. Its advantage is that it looks at all data at once, which we can't do consciously. It's a 'holistic' (pertaining to the whole) way of sensing reality, and it can give a person a huge advantage, as long as they've trained their intuitive side to not be wrong too much. As long as their intuition is reality-based, in other words.
    For instance, on meeting me, a christian might likely 'intuit' that there's something about me that is evil, because they sense that I am not in agreement with them as regards their world-view.
    That would be an intuition, but they've trained theirs to work on their religious belief-based priorities, not on a neutrally-regarded view of reality.

  191. So science claims that a thoughtcannot be transferred from one mind to another. This is so wrong that I am amazed even hearing it. People transfer nfo mind to mind all the time. If this is a claim by science my faith in any truth coming from science would be diminied to about the same level as Observant operates on.

  192. One thing about your ideas vs the idea of frequencies, frequencies can be proven while yours is simply belief that is un provable. I would think that alone would make you do a double take. I think this article was an excerpt out of the book on the subject, but the book itself is only in German. I cannot read German so will have to wait to see what else the book says. I certainly was impressedith the idea of repairing of genetic defects using radio, and/or light frequencies.
    By the way I was interested in finding some answerers concerning this info before I read this article in case you think this article brought me to think of this.

  193. frequencies can be proven
    Can they now?

    What kind of frequency are you talking about. Radio frequencies can be proven. The frequency of a light beam can be proven. Frequency is like wavelength... it refers to a property of something else, like radio or light. So what frequency are you talking about?

    If it's not something like light or radio, if you're talking about thought frequencies, then WELCOME TO THE BIG BRAIN. Period. Because thought, according to science, is not anything like light or radio waves... and it's definitely not transmissible from mind to mind. It's not like science isn't sure about that, either. It can be PROVEN, and rather easily, that it's NOT possible.
    You assume it can be proven why? Because it's a scientific-sounding word, perhaps. But 'frequency' has zero meaning without also identifying what other thing you're referring to. So again, frequency of WHAT exactly?

  194. Plus, if say a light beam or radio waves could influence DNA at all, they'd cause terata. Birth defects. Mutations. Cancer. Like being exposed to radioactivity. (Radioactivity is damage, like a burn, not a frequency influencing the configuration of the molecule)

  195. I certainly was impressedith the idea of repairing of genetic defects using radio, and/or light frequencies.
    Repairing a stand of DNA is like repairing a program in a computer, in that one must specifically repair the damage without causing any more damage. It must be very targeted. So one can go into the computer and, if one is knowledgeable about such things, repair the code in the program. However, you can see that no amount of 'shining a light on it' or blanketing it with radio waves, will specifically target the damage. It would influence the whole code, or random parts of it, if it influenced anything at all. It would do more harm than good.

    So I'm very dubious, is my point, I guess