Tuesday, October 23, 2012

These People Vote!

We get the leadership that we deserve.  And that's a scary thing, considering what's at stake...

For instance:

 Donna, Radio Caller, Wants Deer Crossing Signs Moved So Deer Won't Cross Highways (AUDIO)

If we moved deer crossing signs off of highways, deer would finally stop running into oncoming traffic.
That's the complaint one caller in North Dakota aired to the Y94 Playhouse radio station earlier this month.
The woman -- only known as Donna -- was either hoaxing the hosts or really thought that her three deer-related car crashes over the past few years were the result of government posted deer crossing signs posted along high-traffic roads.
"My frustration is that Minnesota and North Dakota departments of transportation would allow these deer crossings in such high traffic areas," she says. "Why are we encouraging deer to cross at the interstate?"
The host replies: "Are you kidding?"
Donna's solution? Putting the warnings in low-traffic areas, like school crossings.
"You seem to be under the misunderstanding that the deer are somehow attracted to the deer crossing sign," the host says.
But Donna appears unfazed by the giggles and snarky responses on air. Listen to the audio in the YouTube clip above and hear the magic for yourself.
UPDATE: The radio station called Donna back days later due to the interest in the original video. She's all red in the face, but she thanked the hosts for not laughing at her -- too much.
"I feel so stupid," she said. "I had no clue that these signs are for us."


Now, she has the sound of a God-fearin' Republican!  


  1. That sounds like an Emily Latella skit from SNL.

    Never mind

  2. Silly woman, wild deer don't go to school.

  3. It has been said that in our (USA) form of democracy, we usually elect the kind of leaders we deserve. Fortunately, at least so history tells us, these leaders most often rise to the big challenges that may confront them. We cacn only hope!!

  4. Well, I sure hope that Romney, if he gets in of course, isn't the total empty suit that he's been 'playing on TV'. The fucking neocons will start WWIII just for fun!

  5. It just occurred to me that Christianity isn't just one thing(maybe that's badly put, bear with me).

    There's small-picture Christianity. You go to church, listen to your clergyman, do the rituals, a bit of praying for unfortunates, maybe try to live an honest life and try to forgive yourself if you've failed a bit on that.

    Then there's big-picture Christianity. Basically what you're trying to do here is order the ranks. "We're a Christian Nation and since we invented it, it's a Christian Internet, and we're the only force for good, we're the policeman of the World struggling against the evil within and without!

    Then there's the, 'The Whole World IS a Christian picture!', "Battling the forces of evil is 'what we do'!!"

    I think we can recognise a big-picture Christian because he/she is telling everyone including him/herself, ALL.THE.TIME. that God/Jesus should be thanked for everything, absolutely everything! If this Christian is having nothing but bad luck, he thanks Jesus/God for the shit-sandwich he's being fed and asks for more!

    What he/she is saying, is, "I have that small-picture thing polished to a mirror finish! I'm not studying to be a better Christian, I am Christianity incarnate and I'm goal oriented, and that goal is to make my entire nation in my...(ahem) I mean, in God/Jesus' image!

  6. What happens to a republican when his beliefs hit reality in a way that he can't deny or avoid?



  7. I can't even believe how stupid some people are. It's kind of depressing. ...Make that extremely depressing. >__>

  8. I get really depressed all the time over it. Seriously. It's hard not to. Stupid is very much in style in this country right now. The right wing makes mouthbreathing and knuckle-dragging into mainstream behavior using their religion as an excuse. It's as simple as stupid people being stupid enough to insist that they're really smarter than the smart people. As simple as religion.

  9. I swear, when I'm on Huffington Post reading the comments and I see one of those self-righteous God-nazi assholes spouting reams of scripture, honestly believing that since he's quoting God, he automatically wins the argument, I get an instant stomach ache. I really do. It amazes me how very stupid a person can get if they have the right excuse. These people have no minds left to speak of. And they vote, as I've said before, like ants at a picnic. Their sheepherders know that it's very important that they vote their religion or it will vanish from the face of the earth, so they insist, and the sheep do not look up... they just pull that lever for whatever other stupid asshole that they're told that God wants them to vote for. It should be illegal to mislead the masses like that, but that's not going to happen.... very frustrating. Sickening. They worship the illogical and loathe the rational.

  10. I just re-read one of my own old blogs from about four years ago.

    I sounded smarter somehow.

    I think it was that I didn't hold so much anger inside of me. I hadn't yet realized the absolute stone wall that I was only beginning to bang my head against. I was even jovial and calm with Eric. That was before the one night where I just doggedly answered all of his points on his many long responses and realized that there was no path to 'winning' any argument with him because he had arranged it that way.

    I do need to lose the anger. I realize that. But every time I read the news in the morning, it's baaaaaaaaaaack! And to not read the news, to me, is to seek to remain ignorant, which I can no more do than I can walk up the sides of buildings like Spiderman.

  11. Eric really got to me that night because he seems so intelligent, and I couldn't believe that he was not seeing what I was saying. So I kept re-phrasing it, to allow him to understand... then eventually I came to the shocking realization that he isn't coming at me from the intelligent position, from the position of seeking the truth and examining evidence, no, his position that he was coming at me with, was actually that of a man that had already decided that he knew the truth, and had pat, pre-set apologies for every time that I tried to get him to see truth. He is totally biased, but also, he is a liar. That part bothered me... I couldn't understand how someone that apparently had a good mind like his, would do something like that... how naive I was. Belief doesn't prevent intelligence; it just modifies it to fit the belief. It pollutes it. A man can be a genius and still believe in the totally irrational. Eric thinks parsing scripture and creating apologies is a suitable and rewarding use of his intellect, not seeing that he is employing his intellect to prevent others from seeing the truth as he cannot.

  12. Brian:

    Once again, whatever else may be true, Eric is simply in the business of trying to gain affirmation that the beliefs/philosophical conclusions that he believes he has arrived at through logic and introspection are correct. It would be devastating to him and those of his ilk to admit to themselves that perhaps they will not experience anything after life in this Universe has ended for them, as they know it must. A drowning man will grasp at any straw that might allow him to stay afloat for even one more second. Little wonder that people like Eric must obfuscate, complicate, refer back to "authority", and avoid answering questions to which there is no answer that lets them continue their emotional constructs upon which they rely for the hope that they will somehow continue to exist. I am convinced that Eric and those like him (who are not themselves preachers/priests/rabbis/etc) do this not so much for our benefit but, rather, for their own desire for the only affirmation they can get this side of death. When seen in this light, it seems to me, Eric's behavior may not be any more palatable, but, perhaps, it can be forgiven/understood.

  13. BTW, the active proselytizers may also have affirmation as their main motive, but also seek personal "profit" in the form of control/financial benefit/self aggrandizement/etc. Whereas I may be able to offer a little leeway to the Eric type, I certainly have no forgiveness whatsoever for these others.

  14. I wonder why it is that 1/2 the women voters in the USA are willing to vote for men who will take the decision of whether or not to abort their pregnancy under any circumstance.

    You think it might be that the baby-boomers are at that age where they don't have to worry about becoming pregnant and are more worried about their 'everlasting soul' now?

    If I were a woman, I'd be 100% opposed to any politician advocating taking away my right to legally choose. This must be some more of that intuitive thinking that you, Brian, imagine comes in so handy for women?

    Why would women vote for a candidate who is against equal pay for equal work? Do these 'intuitive' women feel that they are second-class citizens?

    Hey, maybe they do it to demonstrate to men that we'll never understand them? In daily life we don't see women giving up their right to negotiate so easily.

    The thing that really bothers me is that the pro-lifers are so concerned about the rights of a clump of cells, but they don't give a fart about the potentially horrible circumstances that extreme poverty might bring to a baby being raised by some impoverished young woman. It's almost as if they long for Third World conditions in their midst.

  15. That's the shit that absolutely makes me livid too, pboy. I just don't get it. You'd think women would have more empathy for those others who had had to have been in that particular situation, especially if they couldn't do it themselves for whatever reason. What I mean is: if an abortion seems like it's too much of a hard decision for you to make and it seems like it would be probably the most painful decision a person can make, why wouldn't these women especially have more pity and less hate for those who did make that choice? Isn't the pain of losing that potential life punishment enough without being called a whore and a sinner? Jeez, fucking pricks. >=|

  16. It's not the intuitive thing in this case Pboy, it's that almost half of women either watch Fox News or are otherwise conditioned to be okay with male domination, and to hate abortions and the people that have them. It's the christianity thing.

  17. Genius...


  18. So, here's a story about John, he's ~3, and although he's not talking real good, he is understanding what's said, and is really excited to let you know what's on his mind!

    He came over today with his uncle and uncle's little girl, ~5, and they're playing with the dog's toys, of course, why not?

    Anyways, we have one of those Dollarama balls that sparkle, Mozie loves that. A little dangerous around kids so, after they're getting into it that one had to be taken out of the play.

    We have a rubbery spikey ball but the handle thing broke and we turned it inside out for the dog to fetch. The kids started on that, not so likely to create a swath of destruction as the other one.

    John, lifts the ball above his head and slams it into the wooden floor! Nothing! His eyes just about fell on the floor! Hie entire expression was saying, "Well FUCK ME! I have NEVER seen a ball that didn't bounce and/or roll before this second!!!!!"

    Funny as shit! Guess you had to be here!

  19. Colbert is one brilliant man. I saw that 'as it happened' the other night and totally lost it.

    He also went toe to toe with an authority on Ancient Rome the other night and did some kind of a 'Latin Smackdown' which impressed the guy no end... quoting Pliny the Elder in Latin among other things. The man is brilliant and highly educated.

  20. Was it Mike Duncan? If so, I'm going to have to find that episode. I highly recommend his podcast (especially now that it's finished!)


    But to the Original Post. Brian, certainly you would object to a republican move to disenfranchise "stupid" voters? It seems to me, and I know there is a lot of discord here, but we should celebrate the fact that stupid people vote? Even if it means folks like Santorum and Bachmann and Palin make it as far as they do in the process (yes, and Paul Ryan).

  21. Too bad it's so easy to keep people inside the bubble so that it's not a matter of how smart/stupid you are, it's a matter of how much you're being controlled.

    That being how it is, it's no wonder Romney can say one thing to his 'true believer' base and something completely different to the population at large(aka not in the bubble).

    Can the GOP/Teabaggers get away with it? Guess we'll see on Nov.6!

  22. Ian, that's what really bothered me when I was discussing the debates with some of my right leaning friends. I would say "Obama won because x-y-z that Romney said was wrong and Obama pointed that out, but only x that Obama said was wrong..." and they would say "Yeah, but Romney came across as more presidential".

    Um... ok, sure I guess, but... Same reason WLC "wins" debates

  23. And I think that's why liberals make absolutely no headway telling the truth about Reagan. Why, he looked presidential, and raising the debt ceiling, not even sure what that means! LOL

  24. YAY!!!!!!!! REAgan! YAY XOXO!!!!!!!!

    It's really funny that Mitt is probably the most like Reagan, yet they fought so hard against him.

  25. I think that it's the psychology of '1984', but a bit more subtle. Instead of say, reducing the chocolate ration and claiming it went up, we're constantly, but subtley bombarded by the idea that poverty is a crime and lots of money is like anti-crime. "How can it be illegal if I'm just trying to make more money for myself?", kind of thing.

    "All these poor people, they want to take all my money and I'll be poor too!"

    "It's not really every man for himself, it's more, 'I've got my seat in the lifeboat, I'm sticking with everyone else who also has a seat, the floaters, well they're on their own to sink or swim!"

    Some of the richest actually conflate their taxes with charitable donations, but there's a giant difference.

    I think that the rich see society, as an analogy, a used car. They make enough money, pay enough taxes, well, they've bought that car, it's theirs, why should they have to pay for repairs to keep it running, everyone else is riding along in it too! The owners don't pay, the owners charge everyone else, that's how capitalism works, right?

    But if we start doing some kind of meta-capitalism, charging money for being part of the system itself, that's like paradoxical, that's the taxes everyone is bitching about in the first place.

  26. Pliny, I have tried to comment on your blog, I'm not sure what the deal is with the verification thing, I've even tried the 'audio' version, which sounds like a drunken android trying to give his phone number. IOW, I'd comment but I'm effectively blocked.

  27. If you guys never hear from me again, I was swept away in a flood. Because it looks like we're gonna get hit by that hurricane.

  28. How is the weather now Brian? If we don't hear from you for a bit, I'm going to assume your power went out! No need to punt to the worst case scenario!

  29. My wife and I refer to getting it on when a hurricane is upon us as "hunkering down"...

    So enjoy.

  30. Earthquake in Canada? 7.7 temblor... Pboy, not near you, I assume?

    It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine...

    Not really... In RI it doesn't look like we're getting hit too hard, but this town's lights go out when my dog sneezes, so....
    We're totally stocked up with Chef Boyardee..

    Maybe we'll get lucky and Mitt Romney will wash out to sea or something.

  31. Yea Brian, some people got scared! That was it. Tsunami turned out to be a foot and a half high! It was too far away to feel anything at all, for us.

  32. Sorry Ian, just disabled the verification step. If the spam returns, I'll turn it back on.

    All you east coasters - stay safe.

  33. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/10/28/soul-after-death-hameroff-penrose_n_2034711.html

    the Orch-Or Theory of Consciousness

    Interesting... Some big names, like Roger Penrose, on board with this at least somewhat.

  34. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nljY6MZ8UA

    Crocodile attacks. I post it here because, at the two minute mark precisely, a scene begins that absolutely proves animal empathy *for another animal NOT of its own species.*

    Adult hippo rescues baby impala from a croc, and then helps it to dry land and tries to revive it.

    Eric, BITE ME!

  35. Penrose and Hameroff are just fucking with your microtubules Brian.

  36. This part of RI managed to barely even get hit by the storm! Fantastic! Above and below us, damage.... but in this small area, an enclave. Just some wind and a couple inches of rain at the most.

    I fuck with my own microtubules, Pboy. On a nightly basis.

  37. The point about the Orch-Or theory is not whether it's right or wrong, but that serious people in the scientific community are willing to consider seemingly insane concepts of reality. So it's not as written-in-stone as realists would wish to think it was. Our current "realistic" scientific paradigm is still lacking something. We don't know yet, is the point. We have some good guesses backed up by mathematics, but in some areas, these become insufficient.

  38. Okay, I'm willing to concede that we don't know everything. There is certainly a barrier between the quantum level and the atomic level, as there is between the atomic level and our level and between our level and the cosmic level.

    Sure physicists can cross that barrier with giant colliders and nuclear power plants and such, but I see absolutely no reason to jump to any conclusions about organic functions using quantum-mechanics for anything. I mean, come on, isn't there much to be learned about how the brain functions without taking that leap?

  39. What I mean is, don't you think that smashing tiny particles together to find out the basic 'stuff' that the universe is composed of is a bit like a doctor sneaking up behind someone and smashing their freaking skull in with a sledge hammer to find out what we're thinking?

  40. I'm not sure what you mean by barriers. surely there are degrees between a particle and a skull?

  41. I mean there's a natural barrier, just a 'how things are' between 'the world of subatomic particles'(so to speak) and the electro-magnetic level we interact with all the time.

    For example, a free neutron is unstable and will convert to a hydrogn atom in ~15 mins.

    Now when we're talking the quarks which make up protons and neutrons, when we're talking free particles, we're talking tiny fractions of a second, they just don't persist as individual particles.

    That kind of thing.

  42. Brian,
    Saint Brian the GodlessOctober 22, 2012 12:23 AM
    Any advice on that last one? I'm being serious.

    I drop by on occasion and usually read a post or two. I read this and a few that followed about the same subject. I was unable to communicate how to deal with this before when I attempted to but will give it one more try. First and foremost you are going to have to take responsibility for how you feel. As far as I can see you are now blaming others for your feelings resulting from their offers that you profoundly disagree with. It is your thinking that upsets you, not theirs. Until you see and understand it is your thinking that is the culprit you are going to get the same results and leave the control of your feelings to others rather than have control of them yourself. This is a very difficult concept for most and I have grave doubts as to the success of trying to convey it in an understandable way on a blog. Probably some could, but I think it would be very difficult at the best. I strongly would suggest you find a competent rational emotive or cognitive therapist to aid you. It will be so much easier and quicker than doing it on your own. You say that you think your thinking might have been better a while back, and I am not surprised. If you remember you spoke of giving up this blog and trying another subject which I encouraged you to do. The reason I expressed that is because this blog is way to negative for day to day thinking. That is the main reason I no longer follow it. I went a little far with it and found I had to clean up my thinking some. I do miss your intelligence. Hope you read this in the spirit of affection in which I wrote it.

  43. Hi Jerry... Thanks...

    I have a problem with avoiding 'negative thinking.' To me it's the same thing as hiding my head in the sand. The negative shit is out there, all over the place. We humans are stupid and are fucking up the whole world. So I can ignore that and perhaps be happier. Disgusting. That, to me, is being a coward. I cannot ignore it. I cannot shut off the pain of the world. And I cannot shut off my concern for it. Simple as that.

    Any other suggestions, my friend?

    Also, someone truly in control of their emotions would not have this problem. I don't see Thich Nat Hanh or the Dalai Lama wanting to NOT see the world's pain, and I'm quite sure they feel it as keenly as do I, but they found a balance, and that's what I want to do, not just ignore it.

    1. The negative thinking that you do is for the most part a habit, like a mild addiction that can be broken fairly easy in most cases. As far as ignoring the pain of the world, I would in no way advise that. It has been my experience the pain has became more intense as I progress, but the love always overshadows the pain. My guess is that sounds strange, but that is my experience. For me it has become clear that service is the key. I have my attention on whatever I am serving in the universe, and my ego disappears as by magic. I do not compare myself with the Dalai Lama, but I am on the same path and I humbly recognize his advanced state of spiritual awareness. I was impressed with Bott's spiritual awareness. It seemed though that instead of sticking with his wisdom he would enviably be drawn into defending the bible. To bad about that.

  44. If Obama wins, I'll feel better about the world. So I have about a 50-50 chance of feeling better in six days. So there's that.

    When the Tea Party formed and became prominent, my wife and I laughed and laughed. "Is this all they've GOT?" We saw it as a death-throe. A last gasp for the very stupid people. Imagine our horror when it caught on and got popular! Imagine how horrified we were, and how surprised at how badly we'd overestimated the intellect of the US voting population! That was one hell of a shock. Who knew that going retarded was an effective political ploy? Hell, maybe of they just shit publicly in the streets, they'll get elected again! Maybe if they insist the world is flat they'll win this election... Stupid is IN. Because reasoning and logic and intelligence is so... so out of style. People don't admire intellect, they admire money and fame. People are fucking stupid, as it turns out. Here I was thinking when Obama got elected that I was fortunate to be living in the time when finally intellect started to vanquish stupidity, and as it turned out, I was dreaming, I was mistaken, I was just sadly wrong. We suck as a species. People like Eric are there to make sure that we always believe that we're smart when we're not, so why bother to actually become smart?

  45. Brian,
    We are in the same boat. You nor I want to see people have experiences that are undesirable. We both know that is not the case as it is lived on planet earth at this time. I am trying to share with you the ideas that have been precious in my experience of life as it is lived now. I see you doing an injustice to yourself by looking at life in a way that produce's a lot of pain. I do endorse your independence, but when your way of thinking is coming up short of what you instinctively know life can be I question your wisdom in continuing with your present way of thinking. Not in total but in the toxic ideas.

  46. I'm thinking that it's looking good for Obama to take the presidency on the electoral votes. It'll be a great success to keep that two faced 'I just wanna be' out of the CEO of the USA, out.

    I hope they elect a majority of congresspeople and senators too though, although it would be interesting to see if they'd just oppose Obama because they don't want him to be a three term president!

    So, basically, I'm saying that that excuse, which was childish, is no longer available to them and they'll have to think up something else, something even less reasonable than that.

    The right are crapping their pants now, since no matter how you look at it, Obama has an over 70% chance of winning, I'd be crying if I were the Romneys, at this point.

  47. Three term president? Are they talking abou amending the Constitution to allow that again?

  48. Naw, but you know that half your population doesn't have a clue, right?

  49. Half the eligible voters don't bother to get their fat asses off the couch to go vote!

  50. http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/mich-man-says-he-beat-strangled-neighbor-in-sexual-fantasy-with-her-3-year-old-son-nearby/2012/11/02/e7c954ae-24f7-11e2-92f8-7f9c4daf276a_story.html

    Church member: Pastor planned to marry mother of woman he strangled to fulfill sexual fantasy
    Ahh, more christian pathology... they're all about goodness and light... Sick fucks.

  51. White told investigators he repeatedly struck Gay’s head with a mallet then strangled her with a zip tie, according to the Isabella County sheriff’s office. He said he stripped her but does not remember if he carried out his fantasy of having sex with Gay’s dead body.
    How nice. Obviously that's something that would be hard to remember...

    Well, he can just ask God for forgiveness and it's all better. No harm, no foul, that sort of thing. What a relief it must be to not feel guilt in such situations.

  52. Maybe it was all because the woman's name was "Gay" and he's conditioned to hate all Gays?

    That wouldn't explain the necrophilia though.

  53. That's been all over the news today, here in Michigan. I guess all you gotta do, if you have a prison record and a history of violence against women, is to claim you've been 'saved' by Jesus, and go to work as a pastor. No need to vet these people... Jesus saves, it's what He does. Who are we to judge this man's sincerity ...

  54. That's how it works, though. Two thousand years of an illogical belief system that has bred gullibility into it's believers has an effect.

  55. Did you watch 'Rumble in the Air-Conditioned Auditorium'?

    Bullshit Mountain is high, Bullshit Mountain is wide and Bullshit Mountain is deep.

  56. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/josh-horwitz/on-eve-of-election-pro-gu_b_2075429.html

    Hey guess what? Some of our lovely Pro-Gun people are advocating building Improvised Explosive Devices for the upcoming war against the government when Obama wins....

    How nice of them to show us that they truly are our homegrown AlQaida.

    How is this even legal, to openly say such things? Is this free speech, really? Is this protected? Should it be?

  57. Personally I have no problem using drones with hellfire missiles against people like this, even on our soil. I'd even love to be the remote pilot. They seem to get it that guns aren't enough against the gub'mint, so they want to make bombs... so that would be enough, REALLY?

    If they really start a war, it'll be over in a day and finally we'll be able to classify these sorts as dangerous and criminals rather than letting them plot their madness under the auspices of free speech. So I say, 'Bring it on, mouthbreathers!"

  58. "The Mouthbreather Wars"

    It has a nice ring to it. We already had the 'Civil' and the 'Revolutionary' and two 'Worlds' and the 'Korean' and the 'Vietnam,' so maybe it's time for the Mouthbreather War.

  59. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOsR8nBa-ZM

  60. Aha. So that's what the "Rumble" was. I never did see it. I'll have to watch it when I have the time. Who do you think 'won' it? Was Stewart as much 'all over' O'Reilly as one would imagine that he would be, what with a command of the facts and all?

  61. Yes, Brian, Bullshit Mountain is high, Bullshit Mountain is wide and Bullshit Mountain is deep, as Jon told Billo, right to his face! LOL

  62. Saying we get the leadership we deserve is the same as saying we get the disease/riches/hair color we deserve. With an infinite (whatever that word actually means, 'a lot' I guess) amount of causes, I don't see how one can reasonably differentiate voting from alcoholism or getting cancer.

  63. Well, say what you will, but America voted for "NOT STUPID" tonight, and I for one am feeling incredibly good for a change. Tonight I celebrate a victory for "NOT STUPID."

  64. Going to be a tough slog for President Barack Hussein Obama, still President of the United States of America!(YAY!)

    I think they'll imagine it an echa-sketch moment and try to lure the Prez into bogus compromises that'd be voted against EVEN IF he gives in to EVERYTHING they want! What they really want is to fuck over the economy to prove that govt. doesn't work!

    It's a self-fulfilling prophecy for them, "Government doesn't work!(know why? We won't let it!)"

  65. I love the sound of conservative heads exploding. It's so indescribably sweet.

    My special thanks go out to God. Hurricane. Nice touch.

    Put that in a teabag and let it marinate.

  66. The look on Mitt's face while giving his concession speech was pretty damn funny too. What a prick.

  67. The right is melting.

    Ann Coulter is chewing her feet off. Limbaugh is apoplectic. Bill-O is musing about how we're not a "traditional white country" anymore. And Karl Rove is, I think, wondering if somebody is going to seek him out in a dark alley and break his legs for wasting over 300 million dirty dollars. He's spotting his underwear.

    Good times. My depression is a lot better now. Practically gone, in fact. Life is good.

  68. Harry! How the hell are you? Good to see you!

  69. I'm good, thanks for asking. I'd be better if "Iran" hadn't fired on one of our drones in international airspace. I wonder if we'll be "nation building" there soon?

  70. Harry, Iran meaning Israel?

  71. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/11/08/rev-ryan-j-muelhauser-molestation-_n_2094609.html

    Rev. Ryan J. Muelhauser, Ex-Gay Counsellor, Arrested For Molestation Of Two Young Men

    "Pray the gay away, but while you're doing it, can I hold your penis?"

    These people are such jokes.

  72. Are we noticing the revenge of the sore losers yet? Some corps. laying off workers, just for spite!

    As if a Rep. Govt. would have been any better. They're just doing what they would have done anyways, but they're doing it now to try to make it seem as if they wouldn't have, but now they're going to.

    Fucking bullies the lot of them. They're like, "Oh yea, well it's MY ball, and I'm not letting you play with it!(bursts ball)"

    What they're not saying is that even if Romney had won, their mantra was going to be, "We WON! And the upshot of this is, it's MY BALL, and I'm not letting you play with it!(bursts ball)"

    So there you have it Brian. I was hoping for Obama to win just the same as I'm hoping not to have a car accident. Once I'm home safely, car accidents are far from my mind, but it's still good to not have one.

    The Repuglies are absolutely determined to cause the damned car accident anyways! It's what they wanted anyways!

    Jeb Bush was quoted saying that they were out to cause a crisis, forcing the USA to scrap the health and welfare system.

    This election didn't stop their agenda, it just slows it down. I hope Obama's Administration realises this.

  73. Just happened across this awesome site! Let me give you a taste.

    "Documented cases of sick people being healed through prayer happen everyday, but go unreported by the liberal atheist media. Either that, or they get mocked by hordes of Godless Internet users on sites such as YouTube or Yahoo Answers. It is sad to see such free media with such a great potential to spread the word of Jesus get used for such travesties. Covering up the truth is often what Satan’s minions do.

    Even scientific studies have confirmed the power of praying to God and Jesus for help. Atheists always cite studies, but strangely they never cite these studies. Because they only use science when it falls in their favor. To them, anything that isn’t liberal or Godless simply must not be heard. When one of their ‘theories’ is supposedly proven, they are all over it. When God’s existence is proven, they are quiet as a tick."


    About the author:-Alex K. Keating is a presidential hopeful currently seeking the Republican nomination. His likes include Fox News, Ronald Reagen , and exposing Communism. Fan mail can be sent to AlexKKeating@yahoo.com.

    Can you not imagine Mr. Keating as the POTUS!?!

    Sadly, I can.

  74. This is even better!!!

    "Instead of teaching them how the body really works, sex crazed liberal teachers are busy trying to attack your sons with sex.

    Around every corner you never know when a gay sex education teacher will be teaching little Johnny that it’s okay for two men to play with each other’s serpent scepter and how it’s normal for boys to get secretly raped by female teachers who love having abortions."


  75. Serpent scepter? WTF?

    I just posted one that did this, a Pastor sombody.....

    How can we let people this crazy walk the streets?

  76. The thing I thought was funny is this guy likely claims that the USA is a Christian Nation and that the population is around 90% Jesus lovers, but, there is, apparently this huge 'liberal atheist media' network and 'hordes of [mocking] Godless Internet users' TOO!

    It's no wonder the GOP is in total denial when these are the kind of people, liars for Jesus, that they're hoping to get in power!

    I haven't heard this yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if one of these assholes said something like, "In the Great Christian Nation of America, freedom is important, and this is why you can be a Jew, a Muslim or even an Atheist, just so long as you're a Christian!", without a hint of sarcasm, totally believing he's not saying something ludicrous!

  77. C'mon Brian, 'serpent scepter' is classic! It's concomitant with imagery of a preacher reaching alliterative orgasm at the end of a list of 'penis' also rans.

    "There are two staffs you can choose to live by! One, is Moses' staff, the branch, the Good Shepherd's trust. The other is Beelzebub's baton, engorged evil, the pulsating peccadillo, Luciferian lumber (then in a contemptuous whisper)... the serpent scepter."

    Alex P. Keaton is comedy gold and he doesn't even know it.

  78. "This is, of course, satire: Completely over-the-top, but mimicking some extreme religious-right talking points so well that several mainstream news sites have been hoaxed. In a competitive and superheated news climate, a religious site calling for a boycott of Bill Murray, "murderer of lambs," was, for NBC Los Angeles, too good to not be true. The advice column "Is My Husband Gay?" (Does he "travel frequently to big cities or Asia"?) was, as the Atlantic Wire's John Hudson discovered, taken at face value by the Huffington Post."


  79. Heh heh. Apparently "Alex" does know it.

    Oops indeed.

  80. "Documented cases of sick people being healed through prayer happen everyday, but go unreported by the liberal atheist media. Either that, or they get mocked by hordes of Godless Internet users on sites such as YouTube or Yahoo Answers..."

    I remember the absolute best "miracle" that preteristvision2001@compuserve.com, or whatever his name was, could come up with was a guy with cataracts not being legally blind after he had surgery.

    The point being this was the best, most well attested example he could come up with...

  81. Sure Harry, have many grains of salt handy though!

    Yea, Ryan, we argued with him for pages about a surgery that eventually went right is 'NOT' a miracle! LOL

    Fun times!

  82. On the Christwire.org thing about making babies, which at the time I thought was real, I was amazed that anyone could still believe in the homunculous theory of sperm, that there is a tiny person inside the sperm, which would have even tinier sperm of it's own, with even tinier homunculi inside them, and so on down to infinity I suppose.

  83. I remember that conversation(!) with preteristvision...

    Funny stuff! I could probably provide a transcript, too!

  84. Ahh, oldies but goodies. Like Thomas Gassett....

  85. Harry said,
    I'm good, thanks for asking. I'd be better if "Iran" hadn't fired on one of our drones in international airspace. I wonder if we'll be "nation building" there soon?

    You have nothing to worry about with Obama as leader of the free world.Ahhh just think no more wars and....

  86. Hi Mike!

    How was it while you were still in the bubble? Seeing all those republican polls that showed Romney in the lead and even going in for a landslide? Must have felt wonderful being so darn right about everything, huh?

    What happened? How come your version of reality and facts didn't win? I mean, after all, your facts were just as good as ours except for the tiny little part about ours being based in actual data... doesn't seem like such a little thing could matter, huh?

    Must have been God then.... sent that hurricane.... stopped Romney cold... yep.... no wait... isn't God a Republican?

  87. Turned out that we didn't let you have the 1950's back in trade for 2012. That must really sting.

    How does it feel when someone else is doing the schadenfreude thing on you? Why, I'm partaking of one of your sacraments!

    Anyhow, hope you're not too depressed. It's a new world. Hope you're up for it.

  88. Hi Brian,

    Can’t help but wonder if your smugness will be gleaming after all the new taxes and regulations are implemented. “ Sting” doesn’t quite describe the pain …. It was more like a bite from a fiery serpent.
    I had been for years now wondering why the government has opened the flood gates and filled our country with all the new immigrants …. Never dawned on me the goal was to change the political direction of our Presidential election to the socialist governmental control we now have. Kiss your freedom goodbye boys.

  89. Y'see Mike, blaming your government for your immigration problem doesn't make sense.

    Did some twit on Fox News tell you, "Left-wing governments have been recruiting illegal aliens lo these past years, to lure the rich landowners into getting cheap labour to pick their crops! Since we cannot blame those landowners willing to pay illegals next to nothing, it must be a socialist conspiracy!"

    Plus, you idiot, when they say, "We need to broaden the tax base, they mean, 'Don't make the rich pay a fair share, let the lower classes pay!', and that, my friend, includes YOU!

    Unless, of course you are earning over $250,000 a year yourself? I sincerely doubt that Mike.

  90. http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2012/11/13/15137488-police-arizona-woman-runs-down-husband-with-car-for-not-voting?lite

    Okay, this is getting really ridiculous. This AZ woman got angry at her husband for not voting (for Romney, if he would have voted) and because Obama won the election, she RAN OVER her HUSBAND in her car! He's in critical condition...

  91. It was more like a bite from a fiery serpent.
    Well, put that thing back in your pastor's pants and let's talk.

  92. Never dawned on me the goal was to change the political direction of our Presidential election to the socialist governmental control we now have. Kiss your freedom goodbye boys.
    Oh. So you're still in the bubble.

    If I told you that you were as wrong about this, as you were about who was going to win the election, you wouldn't believe me, would you?
    Yeah, you wouldn't have believed me about the election results either, until you saw it, and you're still misinterpreting what it means.

    Can't you decide to make sense for a change and wake up? Bubble too much fun or something?

    Smarter Republicans are already blaming the right people for why you guys thought you had Obama beaten. They're calling it the 'Conservative entertainment complex.' Can you figure that one out Mike? The conservative entertainment complex lied to republicans, created the "bubble" that we on the left talk about, and at least the smarter of you guys is realizing it, and boy are they PISSED!

    Fox News, Limbaugh, Savage, Ingraham, D'Souza, the usual suspects. They made up a nice story for the people like you, that are gullible enough to believe it. They admit it; why can't you?

    WAKE UP! It's finally time, Mike. Wake the fuck up.

  93. Here's the truth Mike. Some radio and TV people discovered that if they sold a bunch of racially-based right-wing hatred and paranoia,you guys would BUY IT FROM THEM and BEG THEM for more. And I do mean sold you, as in cash money. How do you think Limbaugh makes tens of millions of dollars a year, by telling the truth? Are you that gullible, Mike?
    You've been had. Suckered. Scammed. It's true, Mike. All you have to do now is wake up to it. Realize you've been swindled. Get angry about THAT instead of about your socialist paranoid fantasies that they sold you. You should be SCREAMING MAD at how those guys lied to you. Listen to David Frum. Listen to Bill Krystol. They GET IT. They are waking up, and are justifiably angry, AT THE RIGHT PEOPLE for a change.

  94. Incidentally Mike, "Fiery Serpents" are the Seraphim. Angels. So if one bit you, it's a good thing. I think. So make a good thing out of it, and realize something real for a change.

  95. Can’t help but wonder if your smugness will be gleaming after all the new taxes and regulations are implemented.
    All lies, Mike. All lies. I'm middle class Mike. The top earners will pay just a tiny bit more. Middle class, no changes. The world is getting better, and there you are, complaining about it because you've been lied to about it. Wake up. It's not pretty to see a fellow human being so deluded.

  96. In fact Mike, we've been SAVING MONEY since Obamacare passed. We have a 22 year old son with health problems.

    If it were you guys, he'd be screwed. But it's not you guys, it's Obama, so he's covered on our insurance till he's 25. That's one hell of a lot of money we don't have to pull out of our asses, Mike.

  97. Joe Muto, the man better known as the "Fox News Mole," appeared on HuffPost Live on Monday to dish some dirt about his former employers.

    Back in April, Muto lit up the Internet with a series of anonymous posts on Gawker that lifted the curtain on some of the goings-on at Fox News. The network promptly fired him and sent the police after him.

    He talked to HuffPost Live host Abby Huntsman about how jaded some of the behind-the-scenes talent at Fox News is.

    "The people at Fox are not stupid," he said. "They know when they have Dick Morris or one of these other pundits on predicting a landslide victory for Romney, the people behind the scenes know that it's all bluster. They know that this is sort of an entertainment. They know that a lot of these people are just hucksters ... we producers know that this is all a farce. The reason we don't step in and give a reality check to our audience is because that's terrible for ratings."


  98. Just out of curiosity Mike, do you ever get to the point where you ask yourself 'could it be that they're right, that I've been lied to and all my thoughts on this subject have been influenced without me being aware of it, by people with hateful agendas, and those who lied to me don't give an actual shit about whether I live or die?'

    If you never get to that point Mike, well, it would be because of Hubris. Sheer Pride. If you can't believe that you might be wrong, that makes you a total patsy ripe for the picking.

    All the hatred you feel, was put inside you on purpose to exploit you. It went against Jesus, too, by the way. Hatred is not Christ's way. (Did I really need to tell you that?)

  99. Wait! Reagan wanted to change the demographic to usher in a communist regime? It all makes sense now!!! That sneak!

  100. I think that the thing we've all been blinded to is that corporations are still doing exactly what they want, laughing away at us, while we get to bicker and argue about how crazy right the Reps. are. Do you really imagine that Obama would be such a hero if they weren't screaming for total domination by the rich?

    We're being mind-controlled right now, divide and conquer is alive and well and working it's magice as we speak!

    Their mantra is 'starve the beast', well, isn't that going ahead on schedule?

    Our saviour Obama, isn't he the reasonable one who is quite willing to slash services, leave the firings to the States, so what(?), but as with the typical right wing scenario, we 'have to' tighten our belts, and it's people who have invested their lives and money to secure their future who have been fucked over as usual.

    If the right can see that their cries of, "Crisis, crisis!!", is getting stale, they just become the fucking crisis themselves! The Teabaggers!

    Just listen to Rush telling you what to think, who to hate, who to blame, and while you're thinking what he tells you, hating who he tells you to, and blaming who he says you should hate, you're being ripped off by the rich. These people use politics, not to win or lose, as they have us, on both sides, imagining, no. They're winning ALL THE TIME while they have the two sides squabbling.

  101. I honestly believe that the think-tanks run through scenarios where they can figure out how to win by pretending to lose, laughing at the left all the way. If it works, they win, if it doesn't work, they blame the left, the left is just the hard-core capitalist's whipping boy and scape-goat. And there's absolutely fuck all we can do about it, because we're trapped fighting the golems they set up and reset up. You want the poor, sick and elderly cared for? Well the rich don't give a crap, and they can use this weakness in us to set up dragons for us to slay in the name of fairness.

    It's such shite, a bunch of old, rich, white, Christian assholes claiming the moral highground while being ruthless businessmen, guys who would lower your status to bondsmen, slaves and servant, not worth calling 'men', and they'd still claim that all 'men' are created equal, just some are more equal than others.

    Think about it, the blatant attack on women, more than 50% of the population. The blatant attempt at disenfranchisement of blacks and big city poor.

    That Muto guy is not telling the whole story since both sides are coreographed by businessmen, we're being told what to think, who to hate and who to blame, just like they are.

  102. They're winning ALL THE TIME while they have the two sides squabbling.
    I see your point Pboy.

    Still, better that Obama won, I think. If for no other reason than seeing Sheldon Adelson waste his money and still have to worry about the Justice Department.

    We need reforms so huge that there's no real way to get them in time for them to do any good. The whole system needs revamping. Too many entrenched interests with money to have that happen. Sad.

  103. Yea, it's better that Obama won. I came to the point of the last two comments, once again, people do it all the time, "Politicians, they're all liars, they're all the same.", is true, and it was hijacked by the rich right to get their way, as usual, since it wasn't bad for them if that's what people think.

    What's news now that Obama has saved us from the right's ridiculous disenfranchisement policy?

    "Fiscal cliff."

    Boehner denying there are Teabaggers in his Congress!

    O'Donnell, he's a one man show stopper, practically assureing Boehner that if they make a bill, he personally can and will stop it!

    It's like a fricking shell-game.

    But there's a bit of a conspiracy going on. The think tanks, the poliicians, the talking points, and O'Connell can philibuster everything, anytime.

  104. It would be nice if some of our reactionary friends learned that there are several intermediate stages between Objectivism and socialism. Just because we don't think that unbridled capitalism is a good thing doesn't mean we'll all be wearing Mao jackets around town.

  105. Exactly! They win if they can paint politics in general as two simple choices, and with as stark a difference as possible!

    And they do such a good job of it that people have committed suicide because Obama was re-elected. It's four more years of the same crap, what's to be suicidal about that? Obama isn't to blame for the economy, any sane person knows this.

    Did Obama somehow engineer the bank failures before he took office? Well the right kept painting him with that brush until some unstable people actually believed it. They're actually at the point of killing their own!

    Wonder how many are not so much at the point of killing themselves, but, killing Obama?!

  106. I'm flabbergasted that no one's taken a shot at Obama yet...

  107. ...of course, no one tried to kill Dubya either.

  108. You'd think that he have taken a couple of shoes across the forehead even!(across the bow?)

  109. Obama is in a lot more danger than Dubya ever was.

    All the homicidal maniacs are republicans.

  110. I think that's written into the GOP platform somewhere, isn't it?

    "You don't have to be a homicidal maniac to be one of us, but it helps!"

  111. Hey Mike, I almost agree with you. But if you think about it, the real problem is still atheists. And niggers. And fags. And women. In that order.

    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was making us believe they're human.

  112. What about Latinos and their genetic socialist bent?

  113. The same genes that predispose them to eating beans and wearing colorful ponchos?

    You and Mike might be right... (sigh).

  114. Lots of Repuglie head-exploding! LOL Now the South wants to secede? NOW? But they'll have to start collecting their own taxes from their own population. That will never do.

    I really think they'd rather just go on pretending that the election hasn't even happened yet and they're still trying to equate Benghasi with the Iran hostage situation.

    How 'bout that Romney? One last kick at the poor. Fucking perfect!

  115. I thought this joke was worth sharing.

    An old woman, sipping on a glass of wine, while sitting on the patio with her husband, and she says, "I love you so much, I don't know how I could ever live without you!"

    Her husband asks, "Is that you or the wine talking?"

    She says,"It's me... talking to the wine."

  116. A little late, but just thought I'd let you guys know, *preeeetty* sure Christwire is a satire site.

  117. I've heard the guys here talking about it, but I only just visited it. Yes, it's a satire. The problem people have with it I suspect is that the actual behavior of the christian right in recent times is getting closer and closer to a satirical level of ridiculousness. So it's getting hard to tell.

  118. I figured out this curious behavior of ol' Mosey. When we go out to the car, he doesn't try to jump in the car when I open the drivers' door. Now he will try to jump in, or at least sit in the old 'I'm ready' position(pick him up and launch him in) when I open the back door.

    Why? I scratched my head over that one for a bit, until I realised that when I put him in the back of the car, it's because Emma is coming. I turf him in, then go back and get Emma, then he comes out of the back and on to her lap to look out the window and such while we're motorvating.

    So, this is what I think is going on. He is a pack animal, and he wants all his pack with him. When he goes in the back, there's a much more likely chance of this happening than if he goes in the front.

    And that's why I think he'd much rather go into the car in one of the back doors than the front ones. I might be wrong.

  119. Here's an interesting development that's bad, yet hilarious! Emma likes to tidy up and she'll come into my room, actually our room, me, the bird and the dog, and she'll try to pick up Mozie's toys.

    He got into the habit of fighting her for them and she took it as fun for a bit, which just encouraged him, and now he'll actually nip her!

    He nipped her in the car when she reached for the window handle too, and she was actually furious at him for the rest of the day.

    I suggested that she needs to demand more respect from him, but girls being girls, she's willing to try the old, 'Why I'll just love him up even MORE, that'll work', thing.

    Anyways, she wants to give him a bath, and the weather is crap, so I took him out for a pee before the bath so he'd have time to dry. Meanwhile Emma snuck in my room and tidied a couple of his toys away.

    This is the hilarious(but 'bad') part. He noticed that his toys were gone so he went right up to her and nipped her for it! LOL She was laughing hard about it, but still, it's not a good thing for the dog to be checking her for stuff like that. Not a good thing at all.

  120. No one wants to kill Mr. Obama.

    Stop the drama...

    HEY! That rhymes ;-)

  121. Oh, btw: Brian: there is going to he taxes on the Middle Class....but, you know- I'm like whatever at this point.

    Yeah, I don't watch Fiox or listen to Rush or any of that- they're all bluster and I've got better things to do with my time.

    I just wish people would let our President run this country and everybody would quit complaining about things- one way or the other...

  122. How about the Muddle East - so much going on over there...

  123. Oops- Middle East...

    Dang I-phone!

  124. Which of your twenty seven personalities are you gracing us with this evening, MI?

    Who said anything about anybody wanting to do that to the president? Are you hearing things 'out there' in rightwing crazyland? Something about it get through your tinfoil hat?

    If you don't listen or watch those sources, then where do you get your Official Pravda from? Where do you get your non-news? Because you're definitely in the Bubble.

    Are you the lady that cleans Ann Coulter's house or something?

  125. I have to say, nastiness and craziness aside, Ann Coulter has been surprisingly rational post-election about what the election means for the republican party, why Romney lost, etc...

  126. Brian, try to be normal for a little bit and read your own blog.

  127. Brian, you can also stop with your weirdo drama while you're at it: Mr. Personality.

    I swear you're one dumb somebody...I

    Grow up, will ya?!

  128. Mary Irene. (sorry if I got that wrong, my memory isn't what I pretend it used to be)

    Examine your motives. If you believe in Satan, it kind of follows that you believe we atheists are under HIS(caps since HE is also 'divine', albeit evily divine) influence.

    What would be your motive to say the stuff that you say here?

    For example, when you say that 'no-one is trying to kill Obama', are you claiming to have some kind of mental ability to read everyone's mind?

    At the very least, two people, well-off businessmen both of them, as is my understanding, took their own lives, solely based on the outcome of the election!

    I'd be willing to bet the proverbial million dollars that you'd say, "Fuck, Brian, NO-ONE is actually going to kill themselves and their children because Obama was re-elected, no-body! Except that one guy.

    I'd be like you saying, "NO-BODY is going to kill a doctor who performs the abortions that women request, don't be silly, there's no-one like that, except for that one guy.

    At least you can agree that you only imagine that no-one wants to kill Obama because no-one, as far as you know HAS tried to kill Obama, yes?

  129. Read your blog and try to act normal-/-forget about trying to examine people's motives.
    Stick to things actually blogged.
    I'm done with you.
    Can't even have a decent conversation with you, but, I know you can't help yourself.
    God bless America and God bless Mr. Obama.

  130. "Approximately 45 murders are committed each day in the U.S."

    But we can't go through life imagining that there's someone out to get us, right?

    Nevertheless, circumstances are what they are, and about 45 people a day are DEAD WRONG(see what I did there?), when they believe that there's no-one out to kill them.

    I don't even want to hear about how I have no worries since I live in Canada. Suppose I take a trip to Reno because I have too much money and I think it might be fun to throw it in the toilet, that average still holds, there's a tiny percentage, there's a small odds that some jerk would kill me!

    And they'd have WAY LESS reason to do that to me than they might think they have to kill Obama, right? Some people feel, for example, that black people aren't even human. Surely you'd admit that? You're not going to go to a KKK, or some other White Power, meeting and suggest that these guys are just having a laugh, right?

    They're fucking nuts!

  131. I was thinking about religion and freedom. A simple analogy might be, if freedom was like a tennis ball and we all had one. Religion could be thought of as a locked box filled with theists' tennis balls. But the lock is an illusion, there's nothing there, nothing stopping people from just taking their tennis ball back.

    You can take your imaginary tennis ball out of the supposedly locked box at any time, it's easy, just lose faith, just have a reason to not believe in it anymore.

    And I think that this is where Christians are at, they know this, and if they're caught up in it, it seems reasonable to try to force people, try to force society itself into the locked box. Why, if everyone were constrained to be in the damned box, I, as a Christian, with all the questions yet unanswered, "Why do my loved ones die so inelegantly?, Why doesn't prayer live up to the hype? Why is God hiding from 'the public', it's so obvious that not everyone can see the same truth as I do?..(and so on)"

    So, the plan is, if you're caught right up in it, is, "We can force you to believe, we can force you to be free!", which, for Christians is so obviously WRONG, if the religion being forced on people isn't THEIR religion!

    That must be one helluva tight-rope of logic, to walk.

  132. Stick to things actually blogged.


  133. Another MI hit-and-run word-puke.

    Stop by any time, you batshit crazy bitch you!

  134. Yea Ryan, it's Robert's Rules here, didn't you know that? Brian is the chairman and you can only bring up new business when he tells you. At this time, you will need two seconders to support your bid to introduce the new business into the next agenda!

  135. MI can talk here all she wants. Not a problem with me. The way I see it, is that at the worst, she always gives *us* something interesting to talk about.

  136. I’m pretty sure that Eric said this should be impossible.  Or at least something to that affect. 

  137. I believe he also said that animals do not feel empathy for other species of animals... earlier I posted the video of the adult hippo trying to save the life of the young impala that got caught by a crocodile... it fought off the croc, physically helped the impala to land, then tried to breathe air into it's mouth.... the poor thing died anyhow, but it's still proof absolute.

  138. I of course did do 'magic' for Obama. Or rather, against Romney. Just before the first debate; and boy did I think that backfired right *after* the first debate.
    Since I don't believe in doing negative magic to hurt people, I did positive magic about the idea of Truth winning out. (I knew of course that if that worked, it would slay Romney) A simple candle spell with the candle engraved with my intention. Plus I used the physical act of me going out to vote as a 'magical intention.' Gave the act great significance, as if were I not to do it Obama would lose, where really in this very blue state I could have stayed home and it wouldn't have mattered.
    It's all self-hypnosis of course, but I am not shy about calling it magic, since that's all real magic ever was.

    Means nothing of course, but I like to mention such things to give you all apoplexy from time to time. I only seem rational; in my real life, I'm a nut.

  139. I'ma tell Romney, next time we meet at the club, that you are personally responsible for trashing his dreams of crushing the 99% and having the Secret Service protect him for life! Oh yea, and Ann's dream of being a First Lady, you bastard!!! LOL

  140. MI,

    Why do you express your crush on Brian through ridiculously insincere chastisement?

  141. We always hurt the ones we're pathologically obsessed with...

  142. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/11/21/pastor-affair-murder_n_2171028.html?icid=maing-grid7|maing9|dl19|sec1_lnk3%26pLid%3D237107

    More of the usual stuff, christians proving they're amoral assholes who think highly of themselves.

    Man's wife and her pastor have affair and kill the husband; pastor eulogizes him.

  143. One question that (I think) keeps me honest that I (try to) constantly ask myself is... "Are we the Quislings and if so, how would we know?"

    That was just a random musing and not in response to your last comment Brian. Those folks are fucktards. But get this, the only people I personally know who have cheated on their wives... wait for it... Pastors. Anecdotal for sure... but still.

  144. Ryan, usually those who ask themselves whether they are quislings or whatever, are the ones who are not. It's always those with absolute confidence that they are without sin, that are the worst sinners. No ability to critically question one's self is a sure recipe for disaster. So i wouldn't be too worried, but of course still keep asking those questions of yourself.

  145. Happy Thanksgiving to all you Yanquis!

  146. Yes, happy thanksgiving!

    We have a lot to be thankful for.

    For one thing, we're not waking up to a President Romney administration.

    Isn't it wild how the republicans, like Paul Ryan and John Boehner and Mitch McConnel, think that they won the election anyhow?

  147. Now I wonder what you'll think that I am thinking of when I read this article:


    Science News
    ... from universities, journals, and other research organizations

    Human Brain, Internet, and Cosmology: Similar Laws at Work?

    ScienceDaily (Nov. 19, 2012) — The structure of the universe and the laws that govern its growth may be more similar than previously thought to the structure and growth of the human brain and other complex networks, such as the Internet or a social network of trust relationships between people, according to a new paper published in the science journal Nature's Scientific Reports.

    OBEY THE BIG BRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  148. Hmm. My problem with this is the framework, it's always been the framework.

  149. It should always be problematic to find what you're looking for.

  150. My problem is that minds have a framework, brains, which need to be alive. Which brings us to life, which needs a framework. Life has a framework, DNA. DNA needs a framework, and this framework is chemical, it is built with molecules which are built of atoms, the totality of which is the universe.

    To suggest that the entire universe is like some kind of mind, that the framework on which our streaming consciousnesses are built, is itself built on some kind of mind, seems a bit circular to me.

    In fact it seems downright religious to me, or at the very least 'spiritual', where we might affect this 'universal mind' directly, ignoring the intermediate frameworks as trivial, perhaps even pointless.

    Reflecting on one's own mental processes and coming to the conclusion that it is a frameless entity, and that the framework itself is a frameless entity which causes us to think that the frameworks are actual, just seems to me to be some kind of 'blow your mind' thought experiment.

  151. What if matter is a form of consciousness? Or what if, another possibility, we are a part of a communal dream in which we have defined matter as what we believe it to be, but that definition was made within the dream in the first place?
    You may not like it, but it's not impossible.

    I have had a couple of salvia experiences that strongly point to that latter possibility.

    In one for instance, I saw my hand in front of me (eyes open) and it was holding a document. This was a vision; my real hands were at my sides, but I could see what had to be my own left hand out there in front of me as it would normally be if I were actually holding a document in it. Now here's the wild part. I couldn't see the document clearly enough to read what it said... so I tried to focus more on it, and did. The words started to come into focus. A little bit more and I would be able to read them... Simultaneously I felt my heart rate drop (for real) dangerously. I stopped. Tried again. Same result.
    I clearly got the impression, wrong as it might be, that if I focused on that document hard enough, I would be able to read it, because I would be *there* with it in an alternate reality, and my life here would end at that point.
    I've had at least two others like it, where it seemed to be my choice whether to stay here, or to go there. And I could not do both. To go there, was to die here.

  152. I guess what I'm saying is, if this hypothetically were a dream, then all bets are really and truly off. You've never given me that, but it's still true. What I mean is, your need for a brain to hold a mind would simply be how we've all dreamed it to be. In that scenario the mind is all that is really real; we've only decided that there must be a body and a brain to hold it. If the first thing that ever existed was a mind, or something very much like it, then all else would be things we've added to what is essentially much more like a dream of a body than an actual body.

    But you've heard all this before. Try not to be too upset that I bring it up again. :-)

  153. I said something wrong there when I said 'if the first thing that ever existed was a mind.' If all is truly mind, then that mind has been there forever, in the sense that ever time itself is an aspect of the mind, and not the reverse.

    A thought in a mind sees another thought as a tangible and real thing.

  154. I do find it interesting that I have said to you before that *if this were true* then all that there truly is, is mind, or thought if you prefer, and your answer has been that no mind can exist without a brain, period, we're done here, nothing to see Johnny... Can you see now why I've termed that 'reality bias' before? If the mind is all, then the brain is in the mind and not the reverse. So what I'm saying is that we believe it to be as you say, and that's how we normally perceive it to be, but that's just the way we've taught ourselves to see it, as external when it isn't.

    Another thing that is (apparently) very clear on salvia, is that the outside world also exists within my mind, as well as my 'inside' world. There's just a partition between the two, and we put it there. Of course to normal observation this seems absurd. What's outside the body is outside the mind. However I can see how it's just possible that we're all wrong about that.

    There is a Buddhist koan... I was going to try to remember it but it's easier to google it and copy/paste it in here:


    Two monks argued about a temple flag waving in the breeze.

    One said, "It is the flag that moves."

    The other said, "It is the breeze moving."

    Just then, Hui-neng appeared saying, "Not the flag; not the wind; it is the mind that moves."

    What foolishness is Hui-neng trying to pull?


    Hui-neng was the sixth patriarch of Zen and perceived buddha-mind.

    Hui-neng understood the unfathomable truth – that two monks were not standing there arguing about a flag moving in the wind.

    Where is the wind?
    Where is the flag?
    The universe is void.
    No dust landing on what mirror.
    Hui-neng's abode is clean.


  155. Of course I recognize that every 'revelation" I have on salvia can be and quite possibly is a self-delusion based on wishful thinking coupled with a powerful mind-altering substance.

    It seems to me though, that the effect of salvia is that of removing the delusion, and not causing one. That's the strong impression that I get. So I continue to experiment with it.

    I'm also writing an article.

  156. Indeed, you can't step in the same pile of dogshit twice!

  157. Let's say we get together to have a good time. I come to your house, give you, your wife, your boy, your dog big hugs, hey, I'm happier than shit to meet you guys! We have a good meal, I'm thinking turkey with all the 'shit', we take the dog for a stroll, he 'loves' me. You show me your old photos, of yourselves, some of those oldies you collect and sell. Good times!

    Sometime during the 'festivities', your front window gets broken, I mean, smashed right out, glass all over! Hey, we sweep it up, just a few gashes, nothing a hospital visit won't 'cure', right?

    Anyways, we're back by morning, sober as the proverbial judge, not missing too many important organs, limbs and such.

    But what is 'real'?

    Well fuck, Brian, the window was real, there's a piece of plywood covering where it was. Your finger is real, you know, before it got sliced off by a shard of glass and the dog ate it.

    I mean, "My LORD!", Brian, get with it, it's fucking real. There's no 'mind' deciding what's real or not, it's stark, fucking real!, Right? All the 'mind' bullshit is neither here nor there when the cold, cold facts are seen for what they are, right?

  158. My friend, I would not offend you, but either you obstinately refuse to understand how I see it, and insist on only seeing it as it seems to you, or you're busting my ass and you really do know how I mean it. I think it's the former and not the latter.
    Obviously if it's true, then the one dream that we are 'conscious' in, as opposed to all other dreams that we do not share with others, is as real as real gets, and yes, you feel pain and even die in it, although perhaps something happens after that, instead of the oblivion that one would expect.

    The parallel universe (multiverse/omniverse) theories that do exist, that scientists have devised, say that perhaps every decision we make creates a new universe where we made it differently, and this gets serious consideration in the scientific community.
    What about the 'decision' to die? What if as you die, you make a recovery in another universe, we see you dead here, but you've moved on you selfish prig?

  159. I'm not calling you daft. I'm calling Harry daft! LOL!

    Watch this!

    Harry, you're daft!


  160. Let's not get carried away trying to out-daft each other!

  161. "Harry, you're daft!" What does cookware have to do with anything? Or rodents for that matter.

  162. Favorite pb response to a question.

    Harry: Why'd you name your bird Pretty Boy Floyd?

    Pb: Because he's a pretty boy.

    I like to think that's a short answer because he was pithed off!

    Tee hee.

  163. Well, when we got the bird we thought of different possible names for him. Emma had had some birds before and she liked 'Cheeky boy'.

    I vetoed this, since at the time her son Boyd was hanging out, now and then, when he was between crack binges. He's the kind of kid(in the sense that he is her kid, not that he was a youth) with no fuse at all, who imagines that if there is a dead-centre to this universe, it moves with him when he moves. So anyways, having a hypersensitive, agressive, nasty little man, by the name of Boyd, hanging around was no place for a bird by the name of Cheeky Boy, for what I imagine would be obvious reasons, Shit-fer-brains might mis-hear and imagine either me or Emma were calling him, Boyd, 'cheeky'.

    So, as you can see, naming birds can be serious business!

  164. I was thinkin', always a dangerous thing, heh, wonder how it might best be explained, that the Gospels are not truth, since, after all, explaining how it is true is the Christian apologist's job and explaining how it isn't true falls on us, I guess.

    Anyways, Let's imagine that we've been to a magic show and we watched, and were amazed by Mandrake(or whatnot) sawing a lady in half! We all thought, "This is fucking A-fucking-MAZING! This changes EVERYTHING! I know that a human body couldn't suffer such a trauma and 'live'. Aside from that, I know that there is no way that a human body, having been cut in half, could not uncut itself in half upon the two halfs being placed back together!"

    What are we to think except that everything we know about biology is completely false, given what we observed?

    Now let's imagine that, as we are all chipping in for a 'Church of the Holy Mandrake(or whatnot)', as we are all willing to worship Mandrake as a representative of this stunning truth, that we must rely on petitioning this new force which we have seen demonstrated, let's imagine that someone finds the instructions on how to make it appear that a woman has been sawn in half and put back together.

    I wonder how many of us would insist that, although Mandrake(or whatnot) might have been just putting on a show, although Mandrake may have not performed a miracle right before our eyes, that no he didn't 'cheat', no, that he, in fact did perform a miracle!?

    So back to the Gospels. We're in the same position as believers in the Mandrake miracle here. What to believe in the face of the evidence!

    We're told that the four Gospels are factual accounts, well attested to factual accounts, but how far back to the beginning of the story do we need to go before they don't need this particular artifact, or before this artifact is obviously not true?

    Well, it isn't true that there were witnesses who came forward to testify that Jesus was born of a virgin, born in Bethlehem or alternatively born in Nazareth, and so on and so forth, so at least some of the story is legend supposedly proved by being fulfilled prophecy.

    Much like a believer in Mandrake's(or whatnot) miraculous abilities concerning the woman being sawn in half, then later seeing how it might have been a trick, just a performance, we can see how the Gospels have to be supposedly fulfilled prophecy early in the story, so why can't they be supposed fulfilled prophecy through the whole thing?

    Well, of course they can be, but the believer is in the same situation as the Mandrake miracle believer, who insists that just because it might have been a show, doesn't mean it has to be just a show.

  165. Not only that, but why would God come down to Earth in human form(or a very spiritual man be wandering around, if that's your version of Jesus), just to give us the same old platitudes that many, many other gurus and spiritual men have 'given us'?

    A demon possesses a so-called guru and tells us stuff like, 'We should love our enemies', 'it is better to give than to receive', 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you', and such, just to throw us off the scent when the real 'prophet' or 'fulfiller of prophecy' and/or Son of God/God comes by!?

    I'm not sure what we might expect God-as-Jesus to say to us, just not the same old religious jive!

    In fact I'm not sure that the so-called O.T. prophets would be concerned with how well off, or not, their tribes would fare depending on how much they kowtowed to their tribal God, supposedly the only 'true' God, in such an obscure way that the religion itself can be hi-jacked and prophecies claimed that the tribes themselves don't believe.

    Which brings up the idea that prophecy is inversed prayer. If everyone isn't praying hard enough, God, we hear, picks out some guy who is extremely religious, perhaps starves himself and so on, to give a dire warning to the populace that they better watch out or some very bad shit is going to befall them.

    This, in an area of constant turmoil where predicting bad shit will happen would be like predicting winter will come after fall.

    This would be like predicting that Republicans will say one thing while, where they are in power, they're doing the exact opposite of what they are saying.

    This would be the difference between saying, "You know, around here bad shit is always happening!", and, "God told me to tell you that there's more bad shit around the corner, if you don't watch out!", and you'll never guess but that they don't 'watch out' after all!

  166. Perhaps the legend of Jesus the Christ is meant as a metaphor, based on Philo's teachings. Philo, a Hellenistic Jew himself, likely forsaw the demise of Judahism as it was in his time and harmonized it's(Jewish) philosophy with Greek philosophy.

    If 'God' is exactly equivalent to 'religion', i.e. no believers = no God, then perhaps he could see his religion 'dying' and this harmonization effectively resurrecting his God!?

    As I understand it, Philo was not pleased with the literal interpretations of the O.T. held, and espoused by the Jewish clergy at the time, and I don't think we have to search to far to find a character in the Gospels who was also displeased with the Pharisees' literal interpretation of their Holy Scripture.

    Yet Philo likely had a few 'converts' to his way of thinking within Judea, since it was a 'way out', a way to enshrine his GOD, Judahism(since GOD exactly equals Judahism) which was enshrined in Hebrew Holy Scriptures, the Logos, according to Philo, literally 'The Word'(the Living Word that is the Scripture itself).

    The Triune 'nature' of God becomes, The Father (of Christianity), The Son(The Logos, or Word, or a Metaphor for the Scripture itself), and the Holy Spirit,(the metaphor itself), i.e. 'God' is literally a metaphor, and/or a metaphor for the collection of people who are worshipping and evangelizing the Word.

    We can see how these metaphors of metaphors combine to make a triune God who is, at once, the eminently spreadable religious meme, the Alpha and Omega, the living Holy Scripture, Jesus Christ which is Christianity itself!

    Now this is where it starts to get a little confusing! The Gospels need to be a literal, historical(as much as possible) story concerning a literal, historical man, who is GOD, who saves, not Himself, AND, literally saves Himself from oblivion, becoming just another myth.

    Yet we must take the Gospels at their literal word with all the bells and whistles of speeches and asides to the Disciples/Apostles, to realise the Truth, the Way and the Light, that it is literally a metaphor for resurrected Judahism!

  167. What do we mean by 'literal truth' anyways really? A strong belief that the words we read mean something that 'literally happened'. But what if what 'literally happened' was a metaphor?

    What if Jesus(the Word), a metaphor for the Holy Scripture, LITERALLY was RESURRECTED from DEATH(a metaphor for being relegated to literal mythology), by being reinterpreted as prophecying itself(the old WORD, the Father) resurrected in the SON(reborn as a living religion as the SON, the WORD, reborn as NEW again!)

    If we dance between the literal and the metaphorical and the literally metaphorical and the metaphorically literal enough, or take a super-position above them, or take both sides of the issue at the exact same time(!!!!) we have the Confusion Technique, the exact Confusion Technique we need to short-cut any and every attempt to move past it, to move beyond it, it becomes a still-point, a HOLY focal point, a SPIRITUAL focal point, in our minds!!!

    Break free from this bond, you say? This bond is freedom, we say! God becomes GOODNESS itself, JUSTIFIED WAR itself, HE becomes ALL THINGS!

    Exactly as advertised!

  168. http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5jOQN-u5mCaxZgU7BWaSfD9m_dstA?docId=8e988db8188c41eeaaa155d0dd1e92e1

    Attorney: Prayer group killing confession made up

    More stunning examples of religious "morality."

  169. But they have both sides of that issue covered, "We are all sinners!", and all that shite, but THEY, they've accepted the LORD into their hearts, so, they're getting to Heaven no matter what now!

  170. The conversation seems to have dwindled to a stop here. Guess we ran out of stuff to say.

    Maybe 'this' is what the Mayans meant by 'the end of the world'!!!?

  171. I guess I really carry the weight on this comment section here... lol...

    Once again it seems the place is moribund. (secret code word not understood by religious people)

    I find myself in a somewhat taciturn mood lately, sorry...

    (there goes another one)

  172. Now that Obama is president there's less insanity going around, so I feel somewhat better. It was hard to deal with the concept of a Romney presidency. I was kinda fucked up over it. So happy to see that pass away.

    How about that Senate vote today? Republicans voting against other countries using our model to allow the handicapped equal access to buses and trains and public establishments? Which would have made us look good around the world at zero cost of any kind to us, other than a vague association with the United Nations?

    They lose an election and are what? Emboldened?

    We're truly dealing with utter insanity here, and I'm not being hyperbolic in the least.

    Can't wait till the next debt ceiling debate.

  173. I try to not hold hate in my heart for them, but it's not easy. I mean, I honestly do not believe in a metaphysical EVIL like in the bible, but they are as close as it gets, or at least their mind set is.

    How do people become evil? By believing evil's claim that it is the very highest kind of Good. Evil is when people believe they are good enough that they do not even consider questioning their own motives. Evil, is easy. It's easy to be evil because you get to feel like you're good with no effort to actually act good. It's all about PRIDE. I swear, even a total realist 'billiard-ball universe, we are nothing but complex machines' type of atheist must be able to see that, no? Human pride is the doorway to belief in greatness of self which is the gateway to a sense of infallibility and a lack of self-examination, and there is evil begat.

  174. One is not evil to have Pride for we all begin our lives with little else; the Sin is not ever becoming smart enough to know when to lay aside such a childish thing when it no longer serves.

  175. What about all the commentry concerning how the trick of explaining away silly stuff in the Bible as metaphor, actually covers the whole Bible. I've never heard a decent reply from a Christian concerning the meaning of Jesus the Christ of Nazareth, hidden by the 'citification' of Nazarene/Nazorite(or whatever, meaning 'branch'.

    Accepting that meaning for the title, we get, The Worshipped(the Christ) Saviour(Yeshua, Joshua) of the Branch(of Judahism), i.e. Christianity.

    Christ, in this context, The Annointed, simply means that the people have accepted 'him' as their LORD, which simply means the object of their worship. The story that Christ is Messiah who is a man the Jews expected to bring them victory, may well be true, but in the Christian context, it's a diversion.

    Jesus is, of course Yeshua(or Yehoshua, another diversion), which is Joshua, which is disguised as thinly as possible to mean, not directly SAVIOUR, but 'The LORD is salvation', which is a diversion.

    And the Nazarene thing, pretending to place the man/god Jesus historically, at a location in Judea, but it's a diversion, there was no city called Nazareth at the supposed 'time of the Crucifiction. Just a diversion.

    This is not very surprising that kids can be seen to be learning the one thing, when they're being set up to know another thing.

    As I understand it, Freemasons to the exact same stuff with their mysteries, explain it in a set way for 1st. Degree Masons, then re-explain those symbols in another way for 2nd. Degree, and so on.

    The deal is that if you fully accept the definitions as given, Jesus was the name of God who came to redeem us from our sins at that time and place, you can totally believe that and be a Christian, or you can see the symbolism, see 'the metaphor'.

    This is equivalent to seeing a box on a table qua box on a table, and seeing them as a symbol, a container, a vessel, a shell, supported. A symbol of how we are each vessels supported by the world, by the universe, by GOD.

    Materialism is 'the box' and 'the table'. Spiritualism is the symbols, the spiritual meaning behind them, if we only allow ourselves to 'see'.

    Total bollocks of course, but there we have it.

  176. So what you're saying basically is that any mundane thing can be 'spiritualized' by the human imagination and made sacred and even worshiped, when it's really nothing more than an object with no intrinsic spiritual significance whatsoever. Plus since there were these prophecies lying about at the time, a symbol was created to fit them and made significant solely because after they 'created' the man to fit the prophecies, hey, it was foretold that He Would Come Unto Us and there he is!

    Religious people love symbols, and anything can be made into one.


  177. On the political front:

    When Jon Stewart is pointing out that the latest Republican 'offer' to avoid the 'fiscal cliff' is actually a steeper 'cliff', there's some serious disconnect between Republican policy and reality.

    When every sane person knows that a non-binding treaty, where the U.S. was the initiating force, where it's just basically common sense that disabled people ought to be given a fair shake, when that falls through because,

    a)dammit this might come back to haunt us, some crazy NWO crap might have international law curbing 'our freedoms'


    b)'we' can't ratify this treaty because it has no 'teeth'

    Well, the Senate Reps. still have the filibuster thing, and when they didn't need it they used the equivalent, 66 votes needed, not-gonna-happen, well it doesn't matter what Boehner says, really. It's over the effing 'cliff'.

    And why wouldn't it be, they forced a reduction in the U.S.A. credit rating for fucks-sake!

  178. ... and this bullshit 'deal' that Boehner is supposed to be 'offering', he's saying that while the numbers don't go up for the rich, he is proposing that the amount of money, the amount of revenue goes up by chipping at deductions and shit,


    Fucking Norquist has made it a mandate that for one thing, any chipping away at rich-bitches tax 'avoidances' are exactly the same as a straight tax increase, and for another, he mandates that a Democratic President never governs AS. A. DEMOCRAT., and he wasn't elected by ANYONE... WTF.

  179. New writing pad, I mean new post, is up. Another 200.

    Ryan, that's sickening.