Thursday, October 10, 2013

Just ranting a bit, 'scuse me...

It would seem that the republican facade is cracking a tiny bit. It still might not stave off the debt ceiling debacle, but it's something. The problem seems to be rather obvious; that the far right Tea Party ideologues control Congress, and as long as the "centrist" (as if!) Republicans allow themselves to be intimidated by that unsavory crowd, we will continue to slide toward financial oblivion and finally, into it.

Somehow, for some reason, I have little hope. And I actually think that as bad a it assuredly would be to slide past that deadline, it might be the only thing that might wake this country up at least a little. A good, hard slap across the ego.

It would be fitting that the "American Exceptionalism" crowd, the people that insist that we're NUMBER ONE in everything, were held responsible for our ultimate fall from grace down to the point where we are forced to realize the depth of our egotistical folly.

It would be *worth it* to get rid of this cancer.

I want to watch them burn, watch their ship go down, watch them reel in the collision of their denial of reality, with actual uncaring reality. Is that how I should feel? Not sure. I don't like to hate anything, but is it truly wrong to hate hatred itself? I suppose that it must be, that all hatred, no matter how seemingly noble, begets more hatred in one form or another. However that abstract knowledge doesn't seem to lessen the amount of bile that rises in my throat whenever I think of what they are, and what they wish to do to the country. Their egotism nauseates me.

It all comes back to religion, of course. Where it does not corrupt directly, it softens the soil for the planing of future behavior patterns that all lead once again back to belief. It makes people *pliable* and weak minded.

It is truly a kind of informational virus that propagates itself in a most prolific manner. A kind of emotional Ebola.

Oh, and I laugh at the hopeful sots that actually believed that twenty (or whatever number) of congressional republicans would vote for a clean C.R. Shame one them for being such gullible fools. What a fumbling bunch of idiots. Saps. Those GOP scoundrels always say whatever they feel that is in their best interests with whomever they happen to be talking to. Might as well believe Charles Manson saying "Oh, don't worry if you let me out, I'll be good..."


  1. It's hard to not go there...."watch them burn." It comes from the evidence we see every single day that TPGOP people are not like anything we've ever seen before, and have taken us to places that go against all logic and rational thought. The agenda is so hard driven that nothing gets through....NOTHING. There is complete disconnect from reality and this weird ability to think and say the most stupid things and actually believe it. It is so bad, that even if/when they burn everything and destroy our economy and send us into recession/depression, there will still be a large number of people who will say "see, we told you obamacare would do this." They can stand with straight faces and complete conviction of their positions in the face of reality that says otherwise. Orwell must have had a crystal ball when he wrote 1984. After WWII everyone said "how could the German people allow this to happen, how were they so blind to the holocaust." I am seeing right now, today, how that happened.
    They are seriously mentally ill. We have a resident right now who will have to leave us and be consigned to a mental facility. For 3 years it has been a constant battle to keep her on track....she is bi-polar, and no matter what treatment, eventually slides back into delusions. She stops eating, will deny she is not eating. She will lay in bed and say "I can't walk"...we get her up and she walks, and while walking states she cannot walk. Saying "look down...look at your legs, watch your steps, see you are walking" the response is "no I'm not, I can't." She will spit her meds out, have them in her hand, and say "I took my meds." You say "no, look in your hand, your pills are there." The answer is "no they're not, I took them." The point is....I feel EXACTLY the same way when dealing with the Tea Party, and feel it is absolutely hopeless that they will ever see what is right before their eyes. They are a whole bunch of "Lynns", and nothing will ever be able to be done to change them, even reality right in front of their eyes. I guess bottom line for me is, the fantasy that letting it crash will bring about some awakening is a good one, would love to see it. But the destruction that would force everyone else to suffer is too great a risk, with very little chance of reality sinking in for the TPGOP. We will continue to have congressmen blame park rangers for shutting down memorials, and birthers, and Michele Bachmanns, and Todd Akins, and Pat Robertsons, and the slick Ted Cruz's and John Boehners who know better but will cynically exploit the mental defects of the ultra right wing for their own gain.


  2. You could choose to blame Obama for the government shutdown and still know that Obama can't just start the government up and he could promise to wash the dishes and be the doorman for all the members of the House and they might still not start the government up.
    Knowing that, how can you blame Obama?
    Well, you could choose to blame him because that's just what you want to do, right?
    It wouldn't make sense unless you meant that Obama should just cave to any and every demand that the House Teabaggers made, and if he doesn't it's his fault, and if he does and you don't like the outcome, you could go ahead and still blame him, since you could look back and say, "Oh, well that time he shouldn't have caved, that was a bad thing!"
    So what now, is government supposed to be tuned to your future wants and needs, is it supposed to be psychic, and if it's not, then Obama is to blame?

    The weirdest part of this is that it's such a blatant bully tactic to try to force someone to take the blame for anything and everything and leave yourself blameless no matter what your responsibility in the matter was. Clearly the Congress, the House must vote to pass a bill before the Senate or Obama has any say.

  3. There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

  4. Cads and bounders, too. They vex me greatly.


  6. I read that article this morning, pboy. Not surprised in the least.

    Trivia question: What is the proper response to a tea partier telling you how they are followers of Christ?

    Answer: Fuck you, you fucking lying piece-of-shit pharisee.

    I wish more people would try it.

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    Yeah, allow me to piss you off for the day.