Thursday, October 17, 2013

Today's Infuriating Story

Today's Infuriating Story:

Right-wing Christian: Liberals are the real theocrats because they want to help the poor

What The Fuck?


“What is that saying?” Perkins said. “Is that saying then that the government has a responsibility to care for the poor? That’s not what the Scripture says.”

He said The Bible makes clear that individual Christians were expected to care for the needy, but not the government.

“As Christians, we’re responsible for the policies of this government because it’s us,” Perkins said.

Another Family Research Council official said last month that there was “nothing more Christian” than cutting millions of food stamp recipients off of public assistance.

Perkins said Jesus never asked the Roman government occupying Israel during his lifetime to help care for the poor using tax money, which he’d instructed his followers to willingly give up.

“He never said to Rome, to the Romans, ‘Hey, you guys need to make sure that you’re taking out of one person’s pocket to put into another,’” Perkins said.


-Yes, of course, Jesus totally approved of the Romans and the way they treated the poor. Tacit approval. Of course it was. Of course he did. Why, if he had had a chance to change it, to somehow make the Roman government more loving to the poor, perhaps even eliminating starvation in the whole area, he would have totally passed on it. Not his job. Doesn't relate. Very different. Apples and oranges.

They will go to any lengths to deny what they have allowed themselves to become, which is nothing less than their own worst fear. They, more than anyone else, are the "Anti-Christ."


Here's my list of the Modern Right-Wing Christian Sacraments...

-Deception (including self-deception)
-False Pride/Hubris
-Love of Money (Mammon)
-Detachment from Reality
-Contempt for the less fortunate

I bet we can think of a few more, too.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Just ranting a bit, 'scuse me...

It would seem that the republican facade is cracking a tiny bit. It still might not stave off the debt ceiling debacle, but it's something. The problem seems to be rather obvious; that the far right Tea Party ideologues control Congress, and as long as the "centrist" (as if!) Republicans allow themselves to be intimidated by that unsavory crowd, we will continue to slide toward financial oblivion and finally, into it.

Somehow, for some reason, I have little hope. And I actually think that as bad a it assuredly would be to slide past that deadline, it might be the only thing that might wake this country up at least a little. A good, hard slap across the ego.

It would be fitting that the "American Exceptionalism" crowd, the people that insist that we're NUMBER ONE in everything, were held responsible for our ultimate fall from grace down to the point where we are forced to realize the depth of our egotistical folly.

It would be *worth it* to get rid of this cancer.

I want to watch them burn, watch their ship go down, watch them reel in the collision of their denial of reality, with actual uncaring reality. Is that how I should feel? Not sure. I don't like to hate anything, but is it truly wrong to hate hatred itself? I suppose that it must be, that all hatred, no matter how seemingly noble, begets more hatred in one form or another. However that abstract knowledge doesn't seem to lessen the amount of bile that rises in my throat whenever I think of what they are, and what they wish to do to the country. Their egotism nauseates me.

It all comes back to religion, of course. Where it does not corrupt directly, it softens the soil for the planing of future behavior patterns that all lead once again back to belief. It makes people *pliable* and weak minded.

It is truly a kind of informational virus that propagates itself in a most prolific manner. A kind of emotional Ebola.

Oh, and I laugh at the hopeful sots that actually believed that twenty (or whatever number) of congressional republicans would vote for a clean C.R. Shame one them for being such gullible fools. What a fumbling bunch of idiots. Saps. Those GOP scoundrels always say whatever they feel that is in their best interests with whomever they happen to be talking to. Might as well believe Charles Manson saying "Oh, don't worry if you let me out, I'll be good..."